Damascus Steel Dagger

Made with love.

Myth: Damascus steel technology has been lost to time like greek fire and unicorns.
Fact: No, no it was not.

October - December 2012

So for Christmas I decided to make my brother a damascus steel dagger. A follow up to my first knife making process which yielded a beautiful first attempt at knife making. I'd go so far as to say this attempt blew that one out of the water like a damascus torpedo fired from a damascus submarine. Below I've outlined the processes involved in making the knife. Click through the images in gallery view for a full description. Sorry for the picture quality, I normally just took a picture of the knife with my phone when I was done working on it for the day.

CAD - Step 1
Slotted Hilt - Step 2
Pommel Raw - Step 3
Near Finished Shape - Step 4
Hardening - Step 5
Quenched - Step 6
Tempered - Step 7
AcidEtched - Step 8
Hilt On - Step 9
Pommel and Handle - Step 10
Balance - Step 11