Peter's Typical Weekend

We put this together for our friend Peter's 'what do you do on a typical weekend?' spanish project. He got to visit the counselors when they thought it was real.

Sans 2000

Well it all started out just a normal saturday morning, you know waking up and getting dressed, and what not. You know the normal. So I decided to have some friends over for a bar-b-q and some reading. While reading "The Real Mother Goose" me and Colin had a bit of a dispute over "Poose in Boots." Well that had to be recified, but Mike would not let me. So we had to finish this the old fashioned way... with a spanish knife fight. We'll just say that I got my way. -giggle- My bad. Well this did not fare well with my other friends so I had to bust me some caps yo. And you know all this makes me very tired, so I guess I fell asleep. Sunday morning... I got ready and went to church so its all good :) -waves-