The Flying Dutchman 2005

It twas a cloudy day on our landed hide away when me and tha crew done gots sand in our pants and decided ta haves us some fun galavant'n about. A hobby o' ours done bae whack'n tha postmaster with a belay'n pin and tak'n his goods ta look for birthday cards full o' doubloons. However, we'd done soon find this day would bae a special day, as tha postmaster arrived we done took to our nearly invisible battle stations.
Tha scrog never done saw tha ambush comm'n. Though he fought and screamed like a sissy ninny he done gave over the box, 2 fingers, his left ear and in the end his life though some painful negotiations. Much to our surprise tha box bore tha symbol o' Bilge Munky and strange markn's we could not decifer. As luck would have it two young barnacles that live in a box on tha island done came pass'n by and knew of these markn's and explained it was "addressed to The Pirate Captain", and that we needn't kill the postmaster.
After thoroughly disarming tha parcel we came ta find it contained booty beyond our dreams. And some how in great Neptune's favor I, The Pirate Captain, had received tha highest honor of pirratitude, tha Flying Dutchman Award!

And as alway a special thanks ta me crew, me boat, Bilge Munky, John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur, and Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers!

-The Pirate Captain