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Expand The Cargo Lines
Avast, mateys! Ye metal landlubber carriers- as ye schooled pansies know as 'busses'- 'ought be hauling thar peopled cargo to and fro from ACC bouts at the yonder RBC center. This bae helpin' with congestion at them parking docks an get more of ye landlubbers at the soiree.

Create a Crew of all 5 Colleges in Raleigh
Listen up, yae Scurvy dogs! We pirates need to work together with the other schools an thar cap'ns and crew in this fine port of Raleigh. The more people in the same boat, the further the saber will cut into the coin purse when comes time to deal with the dastardly Mayor and his rich council of merchants. More plunder! Yo-Ho!

Listen ta ye qualms
Alas, wae at The Pirate Captain election deck understand yer worries 'bout the runnin of this place o'leanin. That's why wae bae plannin' on holding meetin's open to all yae landlubbers. We bae ready to cover the rising amount of doubloons it takes to bae here at this schoolin' amongst other issues o'concern. A word o'warning: bae careful with yar tone to the Cap'n. He bae a fair Cap'n, but he don't take to kindly to the general swabby telling him how to steer the ship.

Foster Our Ways
Thar bae certain traditions under risk o'fading away unless we pirates fight fer them. We bae need'ns a celebration fire on the campus fer when we've laid waste another crew on tha field of battle - 'football.' 'Nother thing- the college bell tower needn's bae lit after a victory- to set a warnin to all who would do battle on the field (or court). And alas, mates, what would the day of battle bae without the cookings and the soiree out of the backs of yae land yachts in the docks of said field. The spirit of this campus should be riled, even our fair way o' Hillsboro street could be awakened with new customs and the spirit of us seadogs.

Let Our War Cries Be Heard!
Time's are in needs o'change, m'lads! How are wae to support our men on the field o' the pigskin when thar bae hardly any o' us able to get into tha place?! The Pirate Captain bae strongly in favor to get more seats at thar field for the college crew!

Literacy bae important
Yarr, how'd ye landlubbers favor a new scholarship about me favorite subject? A written competition, the best story about us pirates wins, but where would we get the booty? A themed soiree for all ye landlubbers.

Let Our State Know We Are Here
It bae a power struggle that never bae ending, mates. I bae speakin' about the Board o' Governors! If all 16 colleges in this fine state were to come together under tha foin leadership o' The Pirate Captain, we bae an armada able ta do great things- and most definatly bae heard by thar Board o' Governors.

Mak'n new our old ways
It bae comin' to the attention of The Pirate Captain that some o' yae scurvy dogs bae swindlin other member o' yae crew out of tickets. Stealin' from the fat spanish galleons bae one thing, but from yer own crew- The Pirate Captain and 'is parrot frown deeply on thems actions. That bae why The Pirate Captain bae pushin' for the modernization o' ticket handlin. That thar means yea truly have a fair way to bae served instead o' the way it bae runnin' before.


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