"More important than Michael Jordan."









So Alex probabily hit it best. I'm both in a crisis and being tested. God has some plan for me to be in Hawaii, lets figure out what that is. I'm trying to put the ball in everyone elses court and seeing what will come of what. So I'm in the be patient point in the plan. I am not a patient person it would seem haha. So in the mean time I've updated some pictures.


Today started on the Battle ship Missouri with unconditional surrender, it ended lying on on a beach in Waikiki watching the starts. If you can design me a better day that does not involve snowboarding I'll take 2 thank you very much.


About to go to church on the USS Missouri! That is going to rock. Then its back for homework or surfing depending on time. One guess which I'd rather do. Speaking of surfing hows 8'8 for 100 dolla sound? Whil has a surfboard! I figure if I put it at home with my snowboard they'd make beautiful babies... wakeboards to be precise.


Surfing is sick fun. School is ok fun. Urchins are not fun.


Surfing is getting addictive and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hooke don it here pretty soon. Speaking of hooks Hawai'i has a ton of them and I think they are getting into me pretty quickly. North shore is beautiful! And the cru kids are a blessing :) M, definately.


So the summer draws to an end. It appears that in the very near future I will be a graduate student at Hawaii living in Ohia Student Suites in Waikiki. Nervous, sure. That's a good word. The summer has been awesome, biking, running, swimming, climbing, and a pirate renissance fair have kept me busy. I got to work with the renown Derek Lebzelter, hilarous.


Updated some of the more bizzare conversations I've had. They are great.


Working again for the summer in NY for GM's FCA. Its awesome and the weather is great. And the people are quite enjoyable. Need to figure out grad school asap. Why would you leave a university and take your funding with you... only to let your prospective students dangle in the wind? I don't like dangling... in the wind, thats why I have boxers.


So I started filming the final colin video I may ever do. The filming went great with Bware and we filmed his film as well over easter break. The film should be processed by Friday then its to the editing and making of creepy music. The semester is over and we had our last dining committee meeting and Chef Bill, of the renowned cooking club, made dinner... delicious delicious dinner.


Finally finished up my Butterfly Nets film. It was shot on an Arriflex 16 mm which was a trip. The next one starts filming on Friday.


The last week has been really good. While I was rejected by Berekely (I'm too good for them any way -high five-) haha, I've been accepted to UC Davis and Hawaii for a Masters study in Mechanical Engineering. Hawaii has offered me a tuition waver and a stipend and I get to work with Dr. da Silva in fuel cells, Davis beat that :P. Also I'll be interning again for General Motors in New York working on fuel cells... Thus that is all going well. Vance has pointed out that we'll be graduated in seven weeks, thats... like 49 days... wow. So to any extent we saw Bishop Allen play at The Local 506 last night and it was great. Wednesday I'm giving a presentation at the an educational learning seminar about how World of Warcraft game time consumes real time. And on top of all this the technician published my guide to voting aesthetically.


Snowboarding at Beech Mountain NC was awesome, was it the snow? Was it acutally having runs that were LONG... and not claiming that one run is actually 5 different runs to make your resort seem bigger... I dont know, but it was sweet. Also I've learned to weld... thats right... putting metal together with fire. If you want to feel like a big man stick to seperate metal pieces together with fire... I'm now in the waiting stages of graduate school application to Berkeley, Colorado, Davis and Hawaii... Anxiety sets in. GM has offered me another summer intern in Honoeye falls, which will be awesome, and I get to shoot a FILM on film... real film, next weekend. It will be sweet.


Snowboarding at Winterplace WV was pretty sweet. Me and the bad grammar girl went out and played in the snow. Black diamonds here are blues in Wyoming... except in Wyoming they are longer... lots, lots longer. Went and saw Pan's Labyrinth and it was pretty sweet. Now I'm procrastinating from working on homework that has finally started to materialize. woo! last semester! And monday goes from 9 to 9! yay.


Finished up applications to Berkeley, Davis, Colorado and Hawaii for graduate school. Snowboarding in Wyoming was crazy awesome, now we just need some east coast snow! And just finished up my Whole Wheat Muppets video.