"More important than Michael Jordan."









Success? Its been like 3 weeks since my laptop decided to go to heaven and I've gotten this server running a development environment for Fridgn and the drink site. And oh my gosh so many miniscule details that slow down the process. However hopefully they are in the past! Also I'm working on my Christmas Card for this year, all I can say is that rocket ships need unicorn figureheads. And on top of that the couple pictures worth their beans (and then some!) from Maui have been posted on the Hawaii Desktops and Backgrounds. There is also a new dual screen desktop image up of the sunrise over Haleakala. AND just to prove that I've stayed busy I've updated the Calendar with the November picture. It took a while, was taken 7 days late... but we got it to work! This weekend I think we are shooting December's image. I'm stoked.


Today this page is xhtml transitional complient! In 10 years I had managed to accumulate 2336 errors. They are done away with as a preemptive strike against putting whil.us up on the cloud! Along with this the Hawaii Desktops and Backgrounds has also been made complient!
Yesterday was Ali's 21st birthday which was celebrated in style after an amazing midweek service with Nick (Lovin?) at Aloha Tower. It rained, we all joined him on stage, it was awesome. Afterwards Gordon Birsch was visited (South Shore Grill's garlic fries are 100x better!) followed by a soiree back at her apartment. It was a swell way to spend a Wednesday evening.
This evening, I will be going back to swing dancing! I'm excited and hope my calf and knee are doing happier! They seem to be!
Also Fridgn is coming along, however my laptop died in its sleep, its getting a new nervous system. Then back to working on that! Till then my server is my main computer. Egh. And if you've never tried it, the Wacom Intuos tablets are phenominal, I managed to get one off craigslist for a song, its at work until my computer comes back to life... And until then there are no pictures from the Epic Maui hike.
We managed to get 9 people to go on this outter island adventure to Maui. Friday evening was spent trying to sleep in tents amidst loud people. 3 to 5 hours of sleep later we ate at Charley's which is owned by Willie Nelson, there is a giant guitar and a delicious breakfast burrito. Afterwards the 2 hour Commando hike was actually the 5 hour commando hike. I went around it and did not get to jump off the waterfalls, bummer, but everyone said it was epic. I managed to find the end of the waterfall which much like the end of a rainbow has people jumping off of it? Amazing. Saturday the 23rd's evening was a full moon and we undertook the Haleakala Crater hike starting at sliding sands under the full moon. It was like walking on the moon, though it was pointed out we could see the moon and were not in 2 places at once. Holy cow it was cold at 10,000 and 8,000 feet! The trek through the crater was amazing and I think I have some amazing pictures. We'll know as soon as aforementioned dead computer resurrects like a zombie... its almost Haloween after all! But if you plan on going it will take you between 6 and 7 hours to hike down sliding sands and up the switch backs... not 8... if you have 8 hours, one of them will be spent very cold and getting very close to your friends. One may say uncomfortably close.


The last time I received a pay check was August 20th. I have worked since the 26th of August. I expect to be paid tomorrow. I only notice this because of the date! The real reason for the update? I've got fridgn caught up to the DrinkMixer! I have been feeling that I should be working on that project in lieu of the DrinkMixer. Well Alas, I thought it would take like 2 weeks or so to get them at the same point again, it took an evening. Success tastes like "I should be sleeping." Also it dawned on me, I get a lot of texts from people, but it could be worse. What if there was some way to create an app that when ever you twitter something it also sends it to a group of friends as a text (sms)? Well come tomorrow if that functionality does not exist I will make it so. Because we all know that sometimes the only way to fix a problem is to first make it way worse.


Yar it done bae talk like a pirate day! Observe Mateys! Done removed me lyrics from long ago. I feel we bae better with them sent ta tha bottom o' davey jones' locker!


All my pictuers have been edited and posted to facebook! Yay, the good ones on here! Double Yay? YayyaY? something like that! I found out that all my graduate requirements are DONE and I oficially graduated in the summer! woo. Now to inject some liquid fuels, get published and write a website... 2 of those things are related. And on the side I may write an opinion piece... we'll see :D And it would be completely unrelated to anything! yess...


Good googly moogly. The last 2 months have been crazy. I finished my masters in mechanical engineering focusing my research on reforming methane with a non-thermal plasma into hydrogen rich gas. That was a LONG process. Fairly graciously accepted defeat, mulled about, got back up and got going again and all for the better at that! My account at 1and1.com was deleted because of some buggy payment issue, so my site was down for like 3 weeks, and then was a hassle to get my DNS back and going, so my daily hits are all but gone and my Hawai'i pictures have fallen into obscurity from google.com and bing.com searches. Hot dang. So now that its all up and alive again, time to update! We've been shooting more calendar pictures that have come out amazing! Thanks to John and Lilly for playing with us! Next step, work on liquid fuel injection into a non-thermal gliding arc plasma reformer supported by a reverse vortex flow!... what does it mean?! and programming away on websites. Oh how exciting is my life. Haha, you've no idea! Uber blessed. And yes, Hawai'i is probably better than where you are.


That, that was a long week! V2 came and visited me in Hawai'i! It was amazing!! We did just about everything imaginable that we had time for, so much we did not get to do! Good food? Check! Good Company? Check! Good times? Check! It was ... good! He has departed back for the mainland for an internship at the Pentagon, that is pretty epic, so he will be missed but the times were grand. Now to batten down the hatches and get this crazy crazy thesis presentation finalized! So much work done, so close to the end! But it makes me nervous to be writing the end of a chapter of my life, lets hope the next is even more amazing! So hopefully come July 2nd, 2009 pending only very minor revisions if any at all, I will have my Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering! woo! As for life, everything seems to happen at once, so hopefully by the beginning of August ALL things on my plate will be taken care of! Some people may say I'm burning the candle at both ends, what they've not realized is that I may have lit the middle on fire as well.


Running the race to the end on this thesis jazz. Read through for grammar, and spelling and double checking all references to figures and tables are correct. Tomorrow will be spent in a coffee shop making sure all the references to works cited ... are correct. Egads. Then its off to committee! Then its time to defend it! I'm thinking I'll bring my spear, shield, and helmet, maybe a couple fellow centurions, but I may have to do this alone. One week down, 6 to go! Introspection reveals that I miss all the people that are away for the summer, some much more than others... one in particular, because I genuinally think their company adds to my life. So thanks you few who are away and still put up with my hyjinx! July will be a good month! Though June may see much more productivity and the launch of the new site! Oh man, if only... so close! Oh yea, ipods when the decide to stop booting all the way are jerk faces, and V2 will be here in 3 days! Adventure awaits!


Keeping up my strong pattern of update apathy and ennui. No, its just that I think I may have better things to do else where. Like putting together a resume, finishing (oh please!) my thesis, working, and building fridgn.com. Oh yea its mine!
But the real reason I'd post is cause I realized today just another extent to which I'm blessed. How many days have I gotten to start the day with the sun rise and a beautiful girl, while ending the same day sitting under the stars with her? 1. 1 more than I expected. 6 weeks and counting.


Thats right a month and a half with out an update, thats how I roll, apathetic and AFK. Wait no, I've been at keyboard, stressed out, and laden with work... My thesis is almost done on Non-thermal plasma reforming of methane with a reverse vortex flow reformer! Yea its like spinning lightning in a bottle that's not as hot as say...a blow torch. I'm also developing a new website in Ruby on Rails so that I can figure out what I can make with what is in my fridge. I'll let you play with it too... one day. So ... much ... work. But I figured I'd update this side of things because its generally more sarcastic/fun. no not really. yes really. I've updated the photography with the may calendar picture. Its epic! Yea I forged that spear head. Also the Hawai'i pictures have been fixed (no more missing links) and the fun pictures have been fixed (no more missing links) and have been updated!


So I'm on the first page of desktop search results on bing for "hawaii beach"... "hawaii"... and... "beach"! I think thats pretty cool... I'm glad people are enjoying the photographs! As for projects and what not, thesis stuff is going great, however my advisor just had knee surgery, so he is on some pain killers and I can understand why he is not into editing papers at the moment. So pray he recovers quickly... not for my paper, but for him to get back to play! The past weekend was infact amazing. Now for another week of toiling! But not before some charleston!


I should wait 30 minutes till its tomorrow to avoid posting 2 times in 2 days. People could get the idea that I am more diligent than I am. I've thrown up a new picture in the Hawai'i pictures, a night shot of honolulu taken with Erika. Also I've updated the photography page with some new photos from the giant calendar we are building as well as some other fun pictures from the shoots. I still have some pictures that look amazing to post of the Suave Model sporting his serious mullet. Maybe tommorow I'll post it... probably not, that'd be 3 days in a row.


I'm completely aware that there are times when I update soley for the purposes of updating a quote. This is almost one of them. This past weekend we headed out to the sandbar in Kaneohe Bay. For a short while 4 of us were marooned by the rest of our group who seemed both unappologetic (Amanda...) and unimpressed with the pyramids and irrigation system we built on the sandbar for the peasants of Azergoth protected by the crab people. Seriously it was amazing. The day ended with our Suave Model getting a mullet and his mother throwing on her best gangster face for our calendar in process. So far March and what will be April are amazing.


So the earthquake in Chili yesterday triggered a tsunami here in Hawai'i. Well it was not that bad really. I was woken up at 6AM to a phone call from the Beta version, I missed it, and the phone rang again, so I was like hmm... better pick it up. It was my mother, then I realized I could hear the tsunami sirens... It was indeed an odd way to wake up. So they closed the highways heading down to the low lying areas. So of course it was a great time for a post apocalyptic picture. Glorious. As for work, it looks like I'm 95% done with my thesis, which I'm stoked about. And what else is going on? Well my knee is angry about something so it hurts after I spirnt, so I wont sprint till I get that figured out, which leaves me a lot of time for swing dancing, which is pretty sweet. Speaking of which there indeed exists a beautiful prospect there, only time will tell and God only knows whats up with that :D. Did I mention our picture? It is pretty great.


So what would be a good way to start off 26? Well adventure sounds good, a Big Island big time big adventure! So for Martin Luther King Jr. weekend we headed thata way, slept on a Coffee Farm under the stars and then hit up the island. It is possible to visit Volcano National Park, Waterfalls, the top of Mauna Kea, the City of Refuge, jump off the southern most point of America, and finally run to the green sand beach and back before flying home. It was indeed epic... new desktops? Yea the trip provided for some!


Wonderful day at work. It would seem that the catalyst that fell apart in the plamsa reformer not only made sulfer dioxide that killed the flow meter, but also took out a hydrogen analyzer. L A M E. So after putting in way more hours trying to get that beast in line than I would have liked to, I realized that it is 2010. And thus I should update my pictures from 2009 so that I'm ready to go for 2010. Also posted some photographs we took over the holidays, I like to call it a Christmas with Guns... This will make much more sense next Christmas when you see our wonderful Christmas card.


Happy New Year 2010! I just returned from North Carolina to visit for the holidays. I'd have been updating the whole while, but alas, something was wrong with my virtual connections to my server. So how about it? Christmas was amazing, New Years was great, Peter, Ken, and friends are still hilarious! We made it snowboarding twice, once at App and once at Beech, my knee did quite right. I've decided that I want to make 30 second radio spots for events that will never happen... like Repticon and 'The scottish, english, and irish fest! 12 days of drinking and fighting!' I think I just may, and if I can actually find a station to play them, even more hilarious. So after 4 years of bouldering, I have learned how to belay during a wonderful evening. I do think The Bouncing Souls or my new found favorite artist of the moment Frank Turner could both summarize me at the moment. By the way if you've not heard Frank Turner, go listen to him! Also in a week I'll be heading to the Big Island for some Big Island adventure for my Big Island birthday! So I'll have some awesome new pictures soon!