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Merry Christmas! So if you're wondering about the history of Christmas and what the real story is vs. what you saw in the cartoons take a gander here. To that avail I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I was mailed home by my mother and have since had tons of time to hang out with V2 (which is hilarious) and friends. Wonderful. My knee is healing up quite nicely and I can now bend it almost all the way to where I could before. I'm not sure if it is the knee that is preventing the bending or if the quads have gotten tight enough to stop the flexibility (it feels like the quads!) I've updated my digital art with my proposals from my glass blowing class.


Happy Thanksgiving! So I've finished my 3rd glass project "Best 10". On top of that I've posted some pictures! On top of that my knee is healing quite nicely, THANK God!


So I got surgery on my ACL. So I assume random hits will come from the reference to ACL surgery. So let me say what went down. I remember going into surgery and they gave me something in my IV to make me drowsy. They told me to get onto the surgery table and to scoot over. Next thing I know its like 5 hours later and I hear a nurse saying I'm not ready to go cause my stomach is upset. Then something about trying to eat toast without any saliva and needing apple juice, then getting into a wheel chair, then Kent's car and onto a couch. Anyway recovery: the doctor says that it went sublime, and NOTHING else in my knee was broken, no torn miniscus, no torn cartlidge, no torn miniscus or ligaments, just a completely torn ACL. So I was super blessed in that. Thanks to everyone who came and helped me out and made food and gave me company it means a lot! Now 3 weeks and 2 days out I'm walking around with the leg immobilizer and no crutches, swelling is still there but going down. Physical therapy is glorious and not too bad, and soon enough I'll be able to drive again! Yay. Good nicknames thus far include, Hobbles, Gimpy, Lightning McQuick. I guess all in all this has given me a chance to hang out with a lot more people than I normally do. However I'm dying to get back into glass blowing class! 2nd project is almost done, first was beautiful, but fell over when the UV glue failed a few days ago, sad pandas. However it fell over in my office when MarkusMaximus was in studying in silence, and it scared him to death. RIP MarkusMaximus...'s nerves.


It looks like in exactly one month I will get my surgery... On October 21, till then outside time, and class time, and glass time, and research time... not enough time it would seem. Speaking of time, if I could go back in time I would date the work I put on here... as I have gone back and read some of the things I did in high school and I'm like, "oh wow... that was pretty lude/crude/unrefined/dumb/stupid/misspelled/gramatically incorrect," and I'm sure that people now are like, "hmm, Whil is an idiot." I'm sure they think that anyway, and thats the way I prefer it. Cause then they will never see it coming!


So I'm trying to get my knee surgery on the 17th of October. It will be nice to run, jump and kick again... one day. That one day is like 5 months away. Until then glass class is awesome. I've blown an amorphus blob, a tumbler that turned into a vase, a tumbler with a round bottom... with no practical application and finally a tumbler. And tomorrow... maybe an even better tumbler... a progression of pictures could be called "evolution." It would be swell. Also I've procured all the parts for the teddy borg, just as long as the teddy is big enough. I wish the bunny rabbit was... the bunny would have rocked.


So it would seem that for 1500 dollars you can either buy a picture... or a really nice camera, like the nikon d300. I chose to buy the single picture. I got my MRIs and it seems that I have completely torn my ACL. Which sucks. I can not figure out why, so I figure this must be some point in my life where God was like... welp, there only one way to get through this correctly... and it involves a broken knee. So I think on October 18 or so I'll be getting my surgery. What else? Vance came to visit and it was awesome we did a TON and I have some new pictures up in the hawaii pictures section shortly. There were some SICK pictures! It was a good time... So if you're like Hmmm I should visit Whil in Hawaii, Vance can probably vouch that it is a good time. If you do not visit you've wasted a friend in Hawaii.


May as well update this now that I'm back in Hawai'i -sigh-. I accept your condolences. Wait... Oh YEA! Hawai'i! I've discovered I can go to work... work until some time I burn out in the afternoon, wander home and then go surf. Sublime! Knee is still angry though and Assurant Health which has some sort of affiliation to Time Insurance sucks my balls. And not in a fun way! When they say they cover something they do not pay for any expenses... rather they acknowledge that you went to the doctor or got some treatment and apply it to your ... 2000 dollar deductable. 2000 dollars... wtf, what am I paying these people for? On a happier note the world is ending... well I could see it sprinting ahead if McCain keeps us on the same track if elected. So in the spirit of political disgust I am making 2 films, one about off shore drilling and one about John McCain ... Fact: John McCain is old.
And if you want to track your health check this out. To get it to run enable macros when excel starts up and then go to tools -> macro -> macros -> AddNewWeeklySheet I should have a web page for this up some time. I've been using it to budget my money, calories, and monitor my exercise and weight.


So I hate injuries. I managed to hyperextend my knee while playing Ultimate on the 20th... Lame. So I guess that is in God's hands to fix that up right well. I can walk so it could have been worse. You think... "hmm everything on this site is in some way a joke... how is this funny?" It's not! On top of that another summer at GM is going awesome, and climbing makes me feel like i can crush small rocks with my bare hands! On top of that I'm creating a music video for the new Whole Wheat Bread Album out this August "The Hearts of Hoodlums" I'm stoked. So far it looks pretty dang sweet.


Oh we back. So while living in the Ohia Student Suites in Waikiki I was limited to a blazing 2k of bandwidth because the IT people there are only rivaled in their incompetence by rocks trying to explain how a television works. Any way I'm back in Rochester for the summer, and at least for now the server is back up and running! Also it has been updated and overhauled, you the user will notice... nothing.


I predict at the end of the semester Mr. Josh Morgan is going to be ripped sporting some sort of mad goatee with a flock of girls fawning after him. He'll turn around stroke his goatee and they'll all swoon. Its going to happen.

1.28.2k8 2k8 is great... just like k8 is great. New semester and so far so good. Trying to make the advertisements for Campus Crusade for Christ and thats going pretty well... why? Because I purchased Photoshop... thats a big step for me... It came with Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat Pro... I'm a PDF making machine. And besides that this semester looks like it may go quite well. Getting ready to gear up and build something with Dr. Turn... woo and I'm looking at getting my outside projects patented... woo... doubly woo :D.