"More important than Michael Jordan."









Working on the drinkmixer thingy is coming along. Humans can now read the results! hurray!

Today thanks to my Asian, it was brought to my attention there is some hub-bub about the new McRib sandwich. Though I've not eaten one, and I plan to stay that course, i find it interesting that my Asian also pointed out the McRib sandwich has a slight resemblance to actual ribs. Just as people that eat them have a slight resemblance to actual people.

The Occupy Walstreet movement has also out grown its humble beginnings sitting in a downtown park, and I realized that greed is everywhere. Did you know that 12.5% of our planets own 71% of our mass? Outlandish. I'll have to look into this, but I bet there are other crazy injustices afoot.

And soon, so soon, like only 3 months away, we will be snowboarding! I know its not good to wish away time, but I am stoked!


And that is the last of them! Hawaii Pictures from 2010 are all posted.

So what else is up? Well I'm not dancing tonight, though my bruised and sprained spine says "hrm, I think we're up to it!" Mayhap shortly I'll procure an automobile of some sort.

So instead of dancing, I've also written in users and login and cookies and checkbox manipulation on the drinkmixer thing. Only things left to do on the programming side is to write the pages for the returned recipes. Aside from that there will be and extensive process of entering drink recipes and making the website look like its not from some 1990's bad dream. Maybe I'll have midi files playing and animated gif marqee's. Retro is cool right? Rock it OG... Original Geocities.

And congratulations to V2 who will be getting married December 30th! When looking for plane tickets I've discovered that their prices swing wildly, and the tickets I wanted to puchase friday for $750 have decided to skyrocket to $870. Stupid.

And last but not least before I go try to finish reading Proverbs, January 16th - 21st this year will be spent on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, so stoked.

Get in the snowboarding mood! The Art of Flight Get it here: Art of Flight DVD & Blu-ray


Woo! Updated this bad boy with all the Pictures from 2010. And as I trolled through them I also found a few beautiful Hawaii pictures as well. In fact if I was not a creature that needed sleep I'd have 3 more! That will have to wait till a later date. I mean I've already overlooked them for 8 months, whats another couple of days?


What updates since last I posted anything on here? Well Fridgn is coming along quite well. Currently I'm hosting it through Amazon AWS and its running me about $60 per month. That gets me an incredibly reliable server that is able to handle far more traffic than I'm currently able to generate. Which means I may be able to host the large objects off of that and stick the number cruncher somewhere else, like off of the whil.us server. Hrm. Something to ponder. On top of that I'm also building another site that is incredibly simliar to Fridgn except that you can put in your alcohols and mixers and it will spit back what you can make. This project seems like it would have a logical end as opposed to the behomeith Fridgn. I've put in two days on that and its functional... Like an uglier version of Fridgn. I'm just going to rip most the code from Fridgn onto it and see if I can get Sinatra running off the little server in the background somehow with Apache, I believe passanger will do this.

That's enough of the boring stuff! We've also been doing some amazing hikes, getting mohawks and creating bands that do not exist. I should have some pictures of them up at some point, however looking at my pictures I'm well aware that I've not updated them since April 2010, egads that is going to take a while!

As for the hiking we just did a ridge hike up Wilhelmina Rise (Mau'umae Trail) which is worth doing. Once. Its 7.4 miles round trip and hot and sexy and its wet... how much better can it get? Well it could get much better if they were to trim the foilage that spans about 3/4 of a mile. As it stands the trail is about 6 inches wide with wretched dead ferns on either side that decided to retire from the fern buisness and become professional scratchers. On the way down I discovered for the first time the joy of heat stroke / exhaustion. Dizzy with a headache is not fun... But the view is beautiful!


The calendar is progressing quite nicely! Updated with some great pics of Katie dressed up as a Mexican! Seriously? Seriously. We only have 2 more picutres we need to take! I'm going to find out if we can get it displayed at Ong King in Chinatown for First Friday at some point. Also I've been adding features and options onto fridgn which is coming along nicely! On top of that I have a ton of other picture projects that I should probably be working on right... now.


Updated my Hawai'i pictures with our most recent Maui adventure undertaken by Jessica, Slippa's sister, Airforce Chris, Slippas and myself in celebration of Slippa's graduation! Congratulations Slippas! Now to get you that Crocs sponsorship. Essentially we took a copy of Maui Revealed and tried to hit up every single item along the road to Hana. However one undertaking such an adventure will discover that given two days, they will still not have enough time to explore all that is along that road. Also major props to Coconut Glenn's ice cream shop which is along the road to Hana, 28 or so miles in (I think), which had some of the best home made coconut ice cream I've ever had. It was non-dairy folks! Non-dairy and it blew my mind!
Also Fridgn is continuing to develop! All of the recipes from allrecipes.com have been indexed along with those from Food Network. I'm beginning to develop search options that can filter the results for what you can make for dinner tonight. I've added options to allow you to now find recipes which are lacking a couple of ingredients.
And on one more note. I've heard the hospital here - Tripler - refered to as "Crippler." Well upon looking into said allegations I've found that on average they have about 3 malpractice suits filed against them per month. I guess my friend helps them make their quota this month. Le sigh.


No one will read this post. At least not for another 5 days, as the internets have ran away. The server toils along for no real reason, its existance - irrelevant. I also assume that my google and bing hits will once again take a mighty mighty nose dive. Why? Why you ask! (Well you would if the server were availale! Right?) We moved into a new house! And while the old house was great, this one is big... not as big... but it does not to be big enough for 7 dudes, just 3. I now realize what it would have been like to live in a frat house. That fact optimized by the fact we had our own sweaters, with sewn on letters. We were big time. No not really. We did not even have a legitimate gang sign - jazz hands are not frightening... or intimidating. I also thought to myself, it'd be a great idea to go ahead and update all the pictures from the "Castaway" picture shoot, only to realize that there is also no network running in the house. Egh. Back to reading Pirate Latitudes by Michael Chrichton.


So Amazon SDB (Simple database Beta) can only perform 20 comparison operations. So in regards to fridgn that means that while utilizing in() you can only have 20 items, or 20 ingredients. That does not work well. So the last few weeks have been spent getting fridgn to index via SQLite. "So why are you not working on that right now?!" you ask. That's simple. Just finished fixing it. And while it may not be the most beautiful code ever, it works! And that is step one right? Well step one is "break it worse, until the only option is to address the problem." At least thats how student government seemed to work in undergrad.
What else has been going on? Full time employment at UH Manoa working for the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute. Non-thermal plasma reforming of fuels? I can do that... and have been for months now. Though my manuscript will now undergo another round of edits for publication! Everything above sounds like painful nerd talk! Wait, ew.
Okay then, how about what did we do last friday? Rockstar! with Todd Fink and Michael Christie. And Saturday? Mt. Olympus hike in the rain, for 6 hours. Crazy? "Sunday?" you ask? Church and Shopping - that was a poor question.


Fridgn.com, Yea, I did that. Just released with version 1... it lacks luster, but what it lack in luster it makes up for in recipes. And what it is lacking in recipes currently it has queried up as 55,000 more recipes. So tired now. Time for rest.


The new year is upon us and 2011 delivers even longer roman numerals for the dates on our checks! "What is this on your check? Thats a roman numeral..." Yes that did happen. Over Christmas V2 and my mother came to visit! It was a pretty aweome time, though I wish V2 could have stayed longer! And the new year... brings my birthday! The year of 3^3 the next time it will be a number raised to itself I'll be 128... and since I plan on dying at 120... I'll take advantage of a very cubed year. Birthday was amazing, Chris taught me to make crepes, and we did 2 hikes!
The first of which should be noted. We went to the Kaneana Cave on the western side of Oahu. The cave can be reached by taking the Ferrington Highway towards the west side, you'll pass Makaha by about 5 miles, the parking will be on the left and has a big rock clearly labled "Kaneana." The cave is across the street. Its about 100 feet high and 450 feet deep. So why does this merrit note? At the bottom of the cave (imagine you're water running down hill, where would you go?) there is a series of caves that can be entered into. The entrance is maybe 2.5 feet tall and opens up so you can stand... only to have to crawl through the next passage. Well the third passage has been filled by what I imagine is rocks washed into the cave by the recent heavy rains. The rocks are about the size of baseballs. It'll take a couple of people and a couple of hours to get this opened back up again. So bring your chemlight, some heavy pants (jeans) and gloves. And most importantly - mosquito repellant. So I hope you've found this useful on some obscure google search about Hawaii Caves or even Kaneana Cave in general (that was backwards, you're clever).
Anyways, a hike of the southern side to Ke'ena point followed where we found some bonafide rock climbing and then thanks to JJ Dolan's for allowing us to have 16 people come in and serving us some WONDERFUl pizza. Between JJ Dolan's and Impossibles Pizza - the truck on the north shore - I think I've found some dang good pizza here. And new pictures will follow of the caves and coast!