"More important than Michael Jordan."









So I see this girl wearing a shirt that says "500 pound girls club" with barbells on it... and I start to think, why would anyone need to be able to lift me and a child with one arm? Whats the point? Someday someone may say to them "Hey could you help me move my refridgerator?" and they'll be like "Oh no way! I've been waiting for you to ask forever!" Just plain dumb. So I've decided to apply to the hydrogen production programs at Berkeley, Davis, Colorado and Hawaii. It also is time for me to take the GRE... which I have been studying for, which makes me realize there are a ton of esoteric words we must have for no other reason than to piss off the French.

Jemenus, After a week of 4 tests, and 3 projects I'm about dead and now I have another test on Thursday, and two new projects. The videos I want to do will see thier time come... another day. So stupid busy but we did have time to make a homecoming banner for he homecoming game... we lost, argh! We saw the sneak preview for "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Farrell, it was hilarous, I would pick up the book if I could read.


I now am the owner of a Huckfin type hat! On top of that I have posted my "family of the year" essay. Sadly I did not win :(. Also the Canterbury Tale by V2 and me is posted.


First test back, and first project turned in. Whil is doing good! Also if-you-smoke.com is now up, so enjoy.


So I will be emcee at the Society for Technical Communication AIDS benefit show on Sunday, October 8th at the Brewery. Now I was just as shocked as you are when I first heard this, but the benefit is to help stop AIDS... not benefit AIDS... I'm no monster! So come on out and support AIDS... victims and have a jolly good time and rock out some.


Ok so the new website is up! I filtered the creamy top off for your frofty enjoyment and left the rest to archives. Hope you enjoy! If you see some link amiss or something email or IM me, thanks.


The Visual section is finished and the videos are posted! Also I found the hazing incident we got in trouble for freshmen year... so I published that as well.


It's comming!


Creative juices (orange juice with strawberrys and bananas... I think) are finally flowing again. We have the going to college video almost done, the next thing to do is almost done and I registered www.whil.us as my new domain name! :). Also Zak pointed out that the Online Voucher video was not on here, that has been rectified.


5 more days till college starts. And we are working on a new video about ... going to college... creepy.


So we've found things to do in Rochester/Chili and its been sweet. Bad Grammar Girl, mom and Bad Grammar Girl's mom came up and we visited the canooks in cAnadia and Niagira Falls. I also jumped off a bridge into a river and went off a sweet rope swing! I have some videos and stories that I need to write now as well. Gob is trying to become a pirate, he just may do it. We went to the GM headquarters in Detroit and it was crazy awesome. We got to see the Heritage meuseme today, the wind tunnle and the design center, a swell day of work indeed. Also I found My Powerpoint from Freshmen year on my hard drive. Worth a look if you have the time... Yes we turned it in, and yes we got an "A."


My time in Chili (Rochester) NY remains less than thrilling. Working in the coal mine is insane awesome and my mentor is an insane adrenaline junky, its like looking into the future. However the weather can be summed up simply... moderately cold, and cold. Once summer hits this weather will rock... if they had a pool... in a 30 mile raidus. Every day I work on $texas equipment and I get to learn about chemistry, power, dont touch both terminals and something cool. That the greatest thing to learn for work is to stay in the middle of two extremes, apathy and blind rage. If you're apathetic and just dont try to do anything nothing happens, if you get upset the securitas people have to tazer you. My roommates are pretty good, crazy, hilarious and colinesq but funnier. What've I found up here? Well a 5000 dollar camera, then the owner, and finally somewhere cool to explore, pictures to come soon. Oh yea the mexican house burned down across the street... no one hurt and a fall out of ash makes up for a lack of snow.


So hungry, must find nachos... oh man... oh man... pop tarts... haha. Holy cow this semester is ending hard as anything. My time has been eaten by some sort of sink designed to destroy time and then mock me. Soon though... soon enough back to play. As it stands now my stint as Student Body President of NCSU is almost at its end (april 28) so I'm almost ready to start doing my thing again harhar! Hilarity will ensue. And speaking of being busy I am now officially dating all the girls on the cheerleading and dance teams thanks to an executive order from the office of the student body president. Is it good to be the king? Not when you have to feed your minions... they die if you dont, like thoes little electronic pet things... that die. Back to mars!


Why no update? No time. School is crazy busy and trying to juggle being productive and being sane is hard. Sane is losing. We saw ECU lose 5 to 4 to NCSU at Doak field, I've now seen us beat them 3 times, 2 times here and once there... and every time it is sweet.


Crazy awesome weekend! We made it to Boone on Friday with no problems and then Snowboarded ALL day on Saturday, which minus one stiffarmed fall was awesome! The snow was about 6" of new powder and Sherri, and Justin went with me and we met up with Peter. Best snowboarding yet. And on top of that on Sunday I got the majority of my pile of homework done in preperation of this comming up BOT meeting and then Shaun White won gold in Olympics half-pipe! And then there was an awesome quote in Zak's profile haha!


Woo break! Booo no snow! Oh how I want to snowboard! NOW! Finished up new video MasturDave. I really think doing this to the new guy in an apartment would be hilarious, convince him his room is haunted, oh man. Christmas was wonderful and I hope yours was as well! And new years State owns the bowl game 14-0 over SFU! woo woo!


Finals are almost over!! and what next to do? Make christmas stuff... and snowboard! woo!... on more final wish me luck. Where are the updates? Well I've had no time to make anything content related but the pirate stuff is keeping me busy.


So many things to do! If Chemmy does not do his report with the evil table I will! Also going to do a package for To Be Announced about sex on the campus. It will be halarious... Poor Ross. And I really want to photoshop a party picture in a dorm soooo bad.


This will be the first year I do not trick-or-treat... Thats right.. the first year... damn lab... damn lab so hard. This weekend was awesome. Cake concert was incredible and The Short Man made it to the concert with us along with 2 others. Cake arrived late but rocked my socks off. AND we won home comming! Thats right go towl on head! Crossfade was bleh, just loud really, and we all know loud does not equal good. Now we need to find a band for Mission: Mardi Gras. Give me a band I command it! Dang you lab. Happy Halloween!


Its 1 am do you know where your Linear A script is? Thats right on Crete, you're ready for my history test in 2 days! Finished up the minority report for Tuition with Other Will and Forrest and thanks a ton to Adam Compton and then came back talked to the Elf and studdied! yay. Tuesday already wow. Homecomming weekend! That means parade, concert, FOOTBALL!, concert... Cake concert... and icecream cake! Thursday at 8:30 I will be a happy camper. Halloween is Monday?! Monday are you serious? ThAT SUckS!


Holy cow busy! Soooo busy. Finnaly a moment to... something sparkley! What in the world is up with State's FOOTBALL!...?-cry- In other news going to make an Oregon Trail: the movie... movie! Cake is comming and there is NO way to get tickets... Cry again... sparkles! cheer!...


Upadated my schoolart! with the projects from my TED Class. Its great stuff! School has started well but no fun creative classes makes me cry, what else does? Jen (Cutter Katz HO!) resigned as the UAB director :( Back to homework and sleep! Oh yea! Green Day was AWESOME!


Convocation was awesome! I got to emcee it as The Pirate Captain, awesome. I even got a free shirt! So now its back to school. Summer was good but I was around here for a long time. Me and Vance realized I had the potential to be a rap superstar... but I accidentally shot my manager. Oh well. Back to school. Maby I'll read you a story soon. Also some more weird pictures are posted.


I officially missed my first meeting... Horribly with a cutter katz family member -ho-. Oh well live and learn and for some reason I'm tired. I've decided to write a book, I'm not quite sure when but It'll be halarious, or it wont be published. Also I am now a member of Wachovia bank (pronounced Wok-Off-Ov-YA) and tommorow it is a trip to the lake!! woo woo. On top of that I've hired Hank Not The Cow Dog to do the commericals for student govenrment with me... holy halarious i thinks. Also I did an orientation speech with Swabby, also halarious.


Well I've officially realized i've not eaten papaya... and fired my first person for real. Firing all thoes kids off the bus was halarious... even if they didnt come back... apperently they could not take a joke. On top of that I've been meeting with hella lot of people and that is awesome. And I got to go to lunch with Chancelor Oblinger, for some reason if you're reading this and go to NCSU try to meet him sometime, he is tres nice :). On top of that I've escaped from the engineering camp for like 10 minutes to post this update. The camp is awesome!


Engineering camp counselor is awesome! I get to play with kids all day and I get paid for it. Philihp has been giving access to NCSU's student government website and we now have control of it! Good changes shall come. We will be createing a department of war I have decided. On top of that nothing too new on the site. But I am now meeting some of the random people that are on my facebook group so that is pretty cool... I can now accept them as friends.


Seven more months till ChRISTmAS! yay! I just got back from LeaderShape, it was awesome. I learned quite a bit on being a good leader, like "dont force the dead to bury themselves." Good stuff like that. You apperently only get a really angry zombie army with shovels. Also Bubblez has gotten engaged, and at the opening of Star Wars Episode III. As is my style to always one up everyone, I will get engaged in Fiji... To a hooker named Maria. Videos are comming, planning is underway and of course vengance will be mine... Thoes stuffed animals will laugh no more!


Two finals down. The dynamics had a busted hard question on it... one of six dang :( The thermo test was a joke... not a funny joke... A really really mean "this is not thermo is death chemistry" kinda joke but I think I rocked it. Oh well 2 down! And I've got my 2005 calendar up!


Almost finals time. Must finish up semester strong... Haha I get to do a rap for dynamics for extra credit, I will be Mc Hammer, The moment about C of a Hammer. I thought it was funny. Also The board of Trustee meeting was wonderful and the members were exceptional people. And we are getting ready to release some more content for the pirate site. Met Matey Chris for the Technician tonite and his mate Jake, awesome guys. And it looks like I get to go paintballing again soon! woo woo! On top of that its ALMOST SUMMER!


Almost a month without an update?! Where have I been you ask? Well where have you been is the better question, as far as im concerned your a google bot! I've been up to being The Pirate Captain. Hahaha... and now im Student Body President at NCSU. Wow. You can check you the whole thing here. I'll be updating it soon and you can find the commerical in our video section here now with credits. Also I've almost learned how to make shirts... so... close... I'll find out Tuesday how they come out. And I should have my calendar up soon.


Had my 2 year anniversary over the weekend :) yay. On top of that what all i've been up to has been going well. We rocked the snowboarding over spring break. Thermo test tommorow. So wish me luck if you're reading this in real time. And i finished my script for the educational show "graivty lives in rocks." On top of that I watched the new version of jason and the argonauts over the weekend... i like the old one more but it gave me a new rant... thoes dont get updated often, its like the pages birhday or christmas or something for it. woo woo.


So no update for a while... not today either well i wish. I was supposed to be asleep now so I could fly to Penn tommorow to snowboard... great news, my flying privlages seem to be gone for now. Good... So tommorow we shall drive to West Virginia... Someone will. Dang it. All the same today was great weather for March, and Abe's Birthday!


C'est BIEN! Got to go snowboarding finnally... it was awesome... i sucked... but i got better, thats the good part of sucking... and right near the end i almost had j-turning down... Kevin and Justin said the progression of sucking elimination was good. And it was fun as all get out... im sore as a monkey now... but well worth it! I'll have pictures soon i hopes :)


So I'm making a halarious calendar... i'll put up a sample soon, and find out how much they will cost to make. On top of that I'm planning on snowboarding next weekend.... and now I cant wait to go... ARG... and its 33 and raining today... NC weather can bite me.


So my thermo homework was a joke... compaired to last semester oh my gosh... I feel like i should just go to the harder class for the hell of it. And the face popped up again, this time on my speaker. And my suite mate has acquired a digital cam corder!... thats gonna be interesting :)!


First legitimate car wreck!... I swear i didnt see him signal... oh well... my truck is fine... he had a civic. Worse case senario i killed a 4,500$ car by putting a dent in the rear pannel. Best case senario the world will end over nite and we'll all go to heaven. But i think its all good. What happened good today? Lunch. AND i got my registration renewed... after the ticket >:|... it expired 5 days ago... LAME. But lunch was good.


Happy Birthday V2 :). Yesterday was my birthday! and the party was awesome, we had fun doing the "condom, condom, who's got the condom", "muff diving relay race", and "pin the tassels on the boobies" games :) it was awesome, and seeing most everybody rocked :). Thanks to everyone who got me cards and neat stuff! I should have the pictures up soon from the party.


Tommorow is my birthday!! Now to get my licence renewed the day before my 21st birthday. Why? Why the hell not?! And heres a pic of the fan i captured.


So what've I been up to? Lots... of world of warcraft. Christmas was awesome, I got a new snowboard, boots, and bindings... and 70 degree weather. So its a matter of waiting now. Also my new years resolution was to have a new years resolution, mission complete. And now we are back in school. It looks like this semester may be pretty good, my graphics printing class looks like it will be awesome and halarious, same with my writing for the media class. Besides that just a bunch of mechanical classes (2) that will be the hard ones. Finally its my 21st birthday on saturday! time to get drunk... on POWER!


Only 10 days till Christmas! Today I went and got a professional massage at Cary Massage Therapy Center, it was the greatest thing ever. I dont think i've ever moved so slow as when i was leaving, even still hours later im about as relaxed as possible. Now to find food.


HOLY COW the craziest lightning storm at like 4 in the morning, litterally every 10 seconds or so there was lightning REALLY LOUD, holy crazy. 2 Finals today, time to rock.


Its December... now to have some snow and boarding on it!... SNOW!... I got my tests back on Monday and BAM!... I got a 100 on my Thermo Test... that cant be beaten... cept by maby a 101 or something above a 100 but still awesome. Drew a new creature... I call it a fird. Finals begin next week... tommorow last day of these classes, going for staying awake during all of them! AND Semi-Formal is on saturday!


I found a rock that looks like a pea nut! Just got back from Bouncing Souls concert!! and Against Me, Let it burn, Murpheys Law, and The Loved. It was AWESOME! Dina, Suite Chris, Sherri and I went, it was rocktacular. Some punk girl punched me in the arm, when I looked at he she was like "you're cute"... that was different :).S Speaking of Awesome, the lack of half-life 2 manuel has been made up for by ROCKING!


Half Life 2 Acquired... nothing in box, just cds in white paper holders... lack of instruction manuel dissapointing, game play best roxor my boxors... will find out soon.

11.11.2k4 ha ha the date looks funny, so much school work. Paper on why the fourth crusade actually caused the downfall of Christianity in the east forever is underway, personally I like the irony thier greed got them. My legs been dead now for 3 weeks and 4 days, arg, hyperflexed knee is no fun and then went running and my legs cramped like never before... arg, oh well... time heals all wounds, or kills you. Either way it'll all work out in the end... back to working, then WoW open beta :).


Well kinda the third, but 1am. What ever, Bush has been re-elecected, now we need shirts with a giant W on it and "inner" in little letters beside it! Also made a wolfweb picture viewer, I'll take it down if people dont approve, but what ever, Vance says he will look at every picture before he sleeps.


My bat. /anger Probabily gonna do some video tommorow. School goes well... Hurry up HL2... New theory up that I recalled I had when I was a little kid.

10.11.2k4 Two hundred old people can make a lot of dumb questions. New art thingy up Fishy Bird Plant. Check it out. Forgot to take picture of broken bat... I'll do that tommorow. And I did a lot better on my solids test than I thought I had done.


What happens to the nails if you nail a bunch of stuff together and stand on it? hate... pure and simple hate in each nail, thats what!... Other peter says I can't let a little thing like sick and tired of math make me stop trying... so tommorow I will transcend this situation... Fall break was awesome. 1. I got to do a lot of TKD. 2. I got to drive the Hummer! 3. Hummer... holy crap that made me feel like an American. 4. Baseball... broke my bat... thats right you can crack a 250 dollar aluminum carbide bat... I'll get a pic of that... and as for homework it can blow me right now. And were doing a political movie... about the debate bong!


Thought I'd post so that I could update to that quote about kermit being the ultimate sex machine, I need some wooden lawn gnomes... or cement ones and gasoline.


Procrastinating for studying for thermo... I will for an hour later tonite, but in the mean time i've updated the weird pictures section with 8 new pictures, and the school art section with a siamese gnome.


No update for a hella long time... woo? I wish woo. However I have finished the Colin Project with Kennie. Also I've been playing Doom 3 at 640x480 resolution on medium settings and it still looks beautiful. Also I was accepted to the World Of Warcraft stress test yesterday, it ends tommorow... that was kinda lame and short... however it runs REALLY well on my computer so who knows. It looks like it'd be hella fun if I had time to sit down and play it for a long while. Lots of school work... so much work. And I dont know if I've said this but TKD at White Tiger Rox!


Well its kinda the 13th... Fidel Castro's birthday... and my grand mothers... wow, akward. Also the Olympics have started and the opening ceremony was kickin visually! Counter Strike: Source is out as well, I'll have screen shots as soon as I have the game :P. The new videos I'm working on are comming along nicely and should be done pretty soon. School starts on the 18th, so 4 days I guess, and hurrican sissy, erm charlie hits tommorow so they say, I'm betting it misses. This semester should be fun, OH!! I start at white tiger tae kwon do tommorow :). I'm excited :).


Hey hey its the third!! yay... That means the last session is over! going back home tommorow, not to write a biased report on counciling but this job was the best ever :), maby they'll ask me to essa, who knows. Doom 3 as well comes out today and they can bite me if they think I'll pay 55 dollas for it. On top of that i've got 111 dollars to spend on food at the c store... holy monkeys... something else important... oh well shower time!


Wow no sleep is kinda weird, I zone in and out and nothing matters all that much. Better pay tuition tommorow or I'm in troubles. Das denero got here like yesterday. Orientation goes well, production continues below normal. Fun job still, we'll see what I can do next, to the good will :). What does that mean?


Holy no update and lots of stuff heppening. Orientation counciling is going awesome, I get to play around pretty much non-stop and its called being peppy. The orientees are awesome so far, I am a head boy come this next week... Im not sure but it sounds kinda provocative. I'm gonna have a new section of pictures of me on the site soon... cause i have none. As a lot of people notice and complain about... i still think thats funny.


Welcome to July! Today we started the day an hour early, go us! This seems to have lead to my mental breakdown twice in class in which i could'nt stop laughing. Once because of the one woman that is beaten every 15 seconds in the United States, another because of the freshman happy to know he knows that he has ghonerea of the eye. On that note I've been censored once again, this time my lines have been cut from the play... Old people suck.


Day 1 down, and I hope to have quelled the hell light... we'll find out... oh yes we will. I wish I had my camera and my brick... tommorow... that video is comming soon. Nothing else too pressing happening except the possibility of 13 - 18 hour work days. How will they fare? who the hell knows, I have new soap.


Back at state... Orientation councilor time, Chris' dad says hetero.


Nother page for scholars council finished... that makes 2 :). Also the new Michael Flynn cd "No Disassemble" is out, I've yet to acquire it, but I can only assume its good because I'm in a pic on his site :).


Stung by yellow jacket, I can honestly say thats unpleasant... Put aluminum based deoderant on it... it worked, no swelling no nothing :). On another note I got my brick today, only 59 cents :). Also a new picture of peter dancing has developed in recent days.


1AM. Captains log: fish wont have me, must sleep alone, cement boots didnt seem to work. Danielle and I have filmed some more, and the Barbi World music video looks like its gonna be pretty funny. Now to find a brick, and go swimming tommorow.


Poison Ivy from saturday came up on tuesday, so did some sort of pink eye... human status: itchy. Also found out there is a Me first and the Gimme Gimmes concert in virginia and I have to work. Fudge. Oh well I'll see them when they are in an adjacent state some time. Think I may go get my brick for my infomercial tommorow... the AMAZING brick... not just a normal brick. duh.


Happy birthday in 48 minutes Zak! yay. I seem to have found the long lost gangsta war picture that led to peter killing everyone. Also finnaly got around to almost putting up our spring break vacation, it should be up soon, it was everything you'd expect it to be... or was it?! Gonna start on my bak yard here soon (probabily tommorow) and the brick infomercial.


Finished up my Difficult Equations test... and im so uplifted :) yay! My creative writing fairy tale is now posted, Unimaginable Heroes. I also have put up my older story for creative writing Frank's Fall.


Cinqo De Maio!! its 34 minutes into it and its a go!! party hard!!... Wait after playing Sim City 4 till 5 in the morning and thinking wtf am I doing I'm gonna have to pass on the party starting. I will however say that I finnaly got the wedding pictures AND I finished up the Inconceivable Heroes story, so I'll have that up soon, along with something else probabily, just need to make a hill of dead kids for the muffin man video and thats done too!! AND I've only got like 4 more finals to go!! yay! Keep wishing me luck :).


3 more days of class left. And I was nominated and declined to run for every scholars position, so was Johnathon who did run for three and didnt get elected... ahhh good times. hahaha. Muffin Man fairytale almost finished. School... almost finished... pool almost open... mmm summer!! yay! I think i'll remake the scholars site with php pimp'n it.


Just got back from Jump Little Children show, and thier new cd "Between the Dim and the Dark" is great!! :). The opener was pretty good. I'm going to finish up the muffin man music video probabily on my own here soon once school settles down... yeesh its consuming right now, specially with this shitty C++ compiler they force on us. I do have what I think the cover art for it will be here And school is almost over, wish me luck on my tests... already got an A in material science :D. Also writing an awesome short story based on the muffin man music video. sleep time!! good day :)


Began writing my new story. Based on the muffin man movie we did. Its gonna be a fun read! :). Washington DC was awesome, got to see all sorts of cool places and meet some cool people. I've also gotten an A in my materials class!! w00t exempt from final! Ank still hurting some... but that sho nuff aint gonna stop me from sleeping here at 1:23 am! haha yarr! I'll put up my character list here soon... Would do it now need sleep, and money, and really good eggs... not a big fan of eggs but courtneys rocks the breakfast!


Washington! thought I'd start it out with another place... Going to DC tommorow for 4 days :). This should rock. Scholars is awesome. Renamed Multimedia to Video cause some people were not finding the movies I've made (thx Kennie).

4.3.2k4 Mexico! yay. My cds are appearently on the way! yay! Went to comedy worx tonite and saw the animation show again! haha its so freking awesome. You must see it. Also found some old cs screen shots of me "hacking" haha not many (4) but still entertaining :).


I'm forgetting something... something important. Oh well, I've finished the members section of the scholars council site. The rest looks really bad but my part is fun :) HA! The rest will be redone here soon I'm thinking. Got the new Aerosmith CD "Honkin' On Bobo" and am listening to it right now! Its good :). I'll have my story up soon for creative writing. But I've got more to do. What else... I think thats it. HA!


First things first... 3d trust problems can go fack them selves... i say fack because its the force from a to c in the z(k) direction... fack it all!! hahaha! yarg! Florida was great :)... a break from the norm, school, cold.... mmm it was warm. Soon enough I'll have the pictures from florida :) they are pretty sweet. Come tommorow I should have this members section of the NCSU Scholars Council finished up... oh yea thats what ive been working on... :) Its fun. FACK... hahaha


Spring break is finnally here, i think i get to go to Flordia... i'll tell you how it is, ... if you've never been there before... remember bring clean sox... EVERYWHERE!


Today is not real, nor is this update appearently. This weekend rocked!! Left friday morning cause school was canceled and me and Danielle went up to Boone and went skiing at sugar mountain. It was a blast! holy crap it was fun, and Danielle's brother was awesome too! Then saturday I went and saw Jump Little Children at the Cats Cradle and that show was AWESOME!! and ohmigosh!... then today I slept... did me some good sleeping till I got up and went running on a beautiful day! mmmm good weekend. New stuff comming up? tests... after that Flordia, and maby some movies and creative writing stuff.


Activation mode GO! its 1:30AM do you know where Whil is? Buzzing... freking buzzing... Wrote short story thats twistedly bizzare I'll find out tommorow if I can work on it for an actual project. Finished up the legoman render. Freking awesome people have set it as thier desktop. Almots finsished up the NCSU Scholars Council members page, just missing some photos. If I were ever this hyper during the day time... oh man... got it... 1:34AM i had pasta for dinner...


Must get points back, 18 of them. Finished up the digital flower I'm going to get printed. New desktop of the glass flower too. The acutal one is 5400 px X 4050 px. That took a freking week to render! and 10 or so hours to clean up in photoshop! jebus... But its so worth it! New videos comming I think. Woo! 1 project done! haha eat that you crazy crazy rapple smell.


New ARAI Video up. Its awesomely halarious, just goes to teach you, don't download mp3s... or open your door... 1 of the two. And new dialogue up.


EVEN! new rants up. So much homework, and i have a rock that smells like cinnamon... its red too. Too bad panthers went down 29/32 oh well gg. And if you're going to do something wrong dont have a prepaired appology and then say it was an accident... -cough- Janet -cough- and a new weird pic done by me and copule other people at the Carolina Ale House Turn it about its funny from all angles ;). Whee!


Last nite we went contra dancing. It was actually really fun. Also got a new picture I'm going to post soon. And... something else really important that I'm forgetting... ok


I got to see Bishop Allen on the 24th at the King's Baracade in Raleigh. They DO put on a good show. And I got to meet Christian Rudder, who is really nice in real life :). He says that he and some other people are firing up some new websites here soon. That should be pretty cool. Got sick from friday till like today, still sick thats 3 days... while there was SNOW... NARG! oh well got to sleep lots to get better, now to catch up on homework and school stuff. I've also changed my no browser message to my favorite quote ever :).


Almost Bad Grammer Girl's Birthday!! So happy birthday in advance!!! And we now are the only people to host the Extreme Juggling video by Danielle. Its awesome!


No luck with muffin man video past weekend... Brain, just Brian's gf went to the hospital, so keep her in mind :). Also I will have an expert juggling video up that is pretty amazing if i do say so myself probabily tommorow. Saw an awesome hawk today, sat about 40 feet away from me for a good 10 minutes then flew RIGHT by me within 3 feet... They have GOLDEN eyes, its awesome. Gonna stick somewritings up here soon... they are pretty fun. And im rendering a 5400 by 4050 pixle glass flower to be printed when i can find the printer. So far so good on classes :).


Yesterday birthday, today... v2s birthday... silly v2. New picture up in the weird pics, 2 versions too a normal sized and a desktop sized!! du dun dunn! Stick the destktop one up at work, people will think you are creative... probabily. Classes going good, gotta find out if we can borrow the camminator to finish up the muffinman film.


My Program went live yesterday and despite being written in visual basic has yet to destroy pertinent data! On top of that its almost my birthday!... and we start school on monday... Guess who has creative writing? No not david... i dont even know a David, I DO!... also new rants.


Its actually January 1 DAY... I'm just not asleep. Found something new fun to do, its good, something may come of it. Had an awesome Christmas and New Years!! "The Universe in 365 Days" is an awesome book!! and I gots me a shiney new pony... no, watch... with a dragon on it!... and I got to jump on a trampoline yesterday :) School starts back up soon, and all i wanna do is dance... erm ski... go skiing even... on a snowboard.


No update for a while... why? why not? Hehe. Got my grades for this semester a little while back and they make me happy :D. Also the muffin man music video is comming along nicely. The title screen is done and the trailer is almost done. I think I should make a gigantic poster / billboard for it... well no, but it'll be good all the same :). Should finish up filming Muffin Man tommorow. AND ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!! :D. yay!


Wow! what crappy weather today!! But I guess its better than living on the sun, people there are so rude. New holes in my shoes... do they still make me run faster? are they speed holes? only time will tell... i do know they are cold. Finals next week, so ... much ... studying... wish me luck, especially you, Mr. Random viewer :). ... now back to getting my A+'s.


Woo hoo Thanksgiving was great :) Break is going well too! Got a couple of fake guns for our real movie as opposed to the real guns for a fake movie so we can proceed. Also I got some back end stuff working on mysite and have found some cool things :) Also I posted Jedi Cops Episode 1 on the Star Wars Fan films forum and it went over great! Someone even compressed it to quicktime format! Thats so cool. Finals comming up to... must own them... get all A+'s ... I'm so not a nerd :).


Mk, something new added behind the scenes :) I'll see how it works out :)... AND im going to AEROSMITH tommorow!! w00t, and paintball on sunday!! yay... physcis time!.


Captians log, 2am need sleep, metior shower comming, must not let them wash away trees... Aerosmith, saturday, paintball... sunday... THE TREES!


After midnight, need sleep, have stars.


The sun is EXPLODING!! now back to homework... JLC last nite was pretty good :) they ended well, still cats cradle reigns supreme.


WOP WOP WOP... its 6:30 AM do you know where your children are? Holy crap the building can talk to us! And it tells us important things like "an emergency has been reported" probabily asks where our children are and tells us not to smoke too!! coolest building ever. And what did I realize? the hand rail from the 5th to 6th floor is skinnier than all the other hand rails. How cool is that?! Not very you say? Well then where the hell are your children?


Last nite I time traveled. It was good. I also saw Bouncing Souls, Tsunami Bomb and Strike Anywhere, they too were good. Infact i would say they rocked !! :D Now I want to surf... Also we went and saw "The Animation Show" and HOLY CRAP it was halarious... if you get a chance you MUST watch it!! Also I learned how to make lightning in photoshop... how unrelated is that? very. Also should have a picture of the safety patrol soon :)


Just got my back x-rayed and initally nothing is horribly messed up... yay!... but i realized my testicles are now radioactive... like Godzilla... my testicals are going to be GIANT... Time to see Don Hertzfeldt!!


Step 1. Leave test, Step 2. Take 3 steps. Step 3. Realized how you messed up. Oh well, tonite is Bobcat at Charlie Goodnites, Tommorow is Don Hertzfeldt and Tommorow's Tommorow is Bouncing Souls. Mk. DANG IT


Who has tickets to see the souls bounce? I do... apperently they will come with a large exploding wave. It should be splendedly wet... and loud :). Trying to get some free time to do something fun, its not working, still physically broke, now my toe is smasheded too... thats right its in the past tence twice! Also I have figured how to do things with threes in my theories section.


Got back from NYC. It was awesome, we saw the Lion King, Urinetown, and De la Guardio, which was an interperative rave complete with glowing paint and a near naked spaniard. The whole thing was awesome. I should have some cool pictures soon. Who got thier math and physics test back? I did... who got 100's on both =D I did!! Mmmm peanuterific.


Going To NYC tommorow with scholars, w00t! What's done ?! Jedi Cops!! w00t!! check it out :)


Who helped build a shac? Me. Who hurt thier back? Me... yea you guessed totally unrelated :) hehe. Also made some new digital pictures. They are pretty sweet, check them out in the digital section. now... to heal.


Mmmmm Got to see Aerosmith and Kiss last nite. That show ROCKED! Stupid neighbor nood behind the ampatheatre made the show end at 11pm. -hiss- Oh well. It still was awesome. Also Owned my first calc test and did well on my first physics test. School is going ok. On a side note I ranted some. On another side note, would this technically be a back note? Jedi Cop movie? waiting on andi the bear to ftp it to me so I can assemble it... I would assume he could upload it but his paws may be too big for the mouse. Got another idea for another movie... just gotta find some ninjas.


Got back from the scholars council fall retreat. Oh man it was a lot of fun, and I got to know a whole bunch of really cool new people. Also I get to do some cool events, and tommorow I get to go wafting, you'd think its like rafting but its more like drafting... but not, you know. wafting like the wafers. Mmmm who took thier pillow to the shower with them this morning? Whil did, and quite possibly Peter.


Saw JLC again last night in Chapel Hill... and it owned Ziggys!! Holy crap =D.


Yay, almost done with new website so I'll give u a link to that soon. Back to school. Holy work load. I dont know how statics is going to be but everything else seems really cool. Went to my first Jump Little Children concert at Ziggy's in Winston Salem. It was awesome :) It started slow but ended GREAT :). Mmmmm body parts are nice. New pics? New vids? new ne thing?... all works in progress, new song tho, no mp3 yet tho.


Back at state! That means that whil.rh.ncsu.edu is alive again. Also means that i have bandwidth again, so download away! Classes start today, lets hope they are fun. Jedi Cops is almost done and I'm gonna make a brick infomercial. New game: Natural Selection 2.0. I may post some stuff for it.


No update for 2 weeks but LOTSA html hmm, I must be up to something, or no good. One of the 2. Half-Life 2 Delayed till christmas!! curses! And 2 more weeks till school starts again... curses? I hope not :). On a side note "left." Oh yea new digital pics and something else.


Ranted some. Worked on othersites some. Want links? too bad :) hehe. Got Anarchy Online Shadowlands demo, its... fun (i can say that right?)


A date I could just not bring myself to not post and update on... and get a slurpie... I wish we have no 7-11s. But I'll make my own, thats right self empowerment to fall for a capitalistic ploy :) go me! Also I got php up finnaly! And why no updates in hella long time? Because I've been given the duty to make 2 new websites. One for NCSU Scholars Council which ain't done... and one for the documentation for my Longistics program. So all in all I've learned a whole lot of css, javascript and SQL mmmm good summer so far as well. Lotta work for denero... because Juan Gonalez said the next one costed mucho denero... so i need that stuff... denero, i think i clean my clothes with it. And I've got some new stuff up all over. Look for it, or go to the hardware store :). And if you care, since last time i updated Andi the Bear and I have gotten work done on JediCop's the light sabres and sounds are in, AND i got up on a wakeboard mmmm. water


Mmmmm... 12:59. This said I should not be allowed up past 11pm. Because... I've realized I need more pictures of me upside down, cute girls make me smile, speaking of cute girls i need a picture of Bad Grammar Girl and i must snowboard!.. and run again. Upside down me pictures would be fun. Mmmm... I like new band I found All-american rejects. Cant wait for aerosmith. Mmmm Email... email and CRAYONS! I SO saw a little kid that had been eating markers today :) it was great. Also i went to the lake on fathersday I almost got up on a wake board... and tubing rox... cant wait to go again :D.


Updated my site. All they way around for the most part. Converted to css (took me long enough to motivate) and threw up a new navigator script. You should be able to copy from pages now. Fixed some broken links, updated most all of the pages meta tags. Learned some javascript, some css, some perl, and some cgi in the mean time :). And started some new pages. I think they are funny.


Are you ready to get dizzy?!... hehe new vid :) Dizzy Disk Jr. Its great :).


Mmmmmm September 20th... Altel, Aerosmith, Kiss... mmmmm ... 45$ / ticket for LAWN jebus. But worth it :) this concert will ROCK :). And today i got stung by 2... not 1 but 2 bees. Bastards. Mmmmm itchy burning stinging feeling.... assholes. Oh yea... digital pictures updated. And some new rants.


Wow... Long time no update. Perhaps you tried to view this site and you got nothing, gasp. Its cause my gigabyte GA-7VAX motherboard had a voltage control capacitor go out... and let all the voltage play with my processor, which in turn caught on fire... and to boot i was underclocked from 2400 to 1800. But all better. In other news... vids should be done soon :) go summer break. AND I'm getting paid to make a VB program :) thats right real money for making real software with a fake language. hehe. What else? Bad Grammar Girl knows? and no baseball :( need... base... ball.


Got Equilibrium on DVD!! -drool- You MUST see this movie! Also got some new pics up. Also a really really cool mistake is now in the digital section... check it out.


Yay finals are over!! That means no more studying for like 3 months!! just work... :o/ Oh well all good. And I formated my computer, and reinstalled everything. Also Phil has hosted me now... I am http://whil.phora.net :). Also We've come up with another idea for a great movie that will be worked on soon about Jedi Cops :D. So much other stuff... what to say? Sniffles is a cutie. Um... It's also 1:40 am so I'm forgetting something important.


What could take so long to finish up this Eric thing? Finding a friggin shovel thats what! But its almost done... need shovels. Also went to Wired's birthday party it was great. We made a new Reality TV show that we should have the pilot episode in the video section soon. Also I came to realize some more things I stuck in my theories. Now go forth and enjoy Extreme Fishing!!


Amen killed Hamilitano... or so the office of student conduct thinks. More to come ... probabily tommorow... oh Hamilitano is gonna get it... amen.


Went Sea Kayaking today! And I was the only one to tip over! haha it was a horrible chain of events starting with getting hit by another kayaker, but not thier fault... until proven guilty... but since I was the only witless I guess he got off. hehehe :D. Scholars Events are so much fun!! I think I'm gonna play with the scholars council next semester :). At least apply and try. New people are cool, so is outside. Go sometime.


New arts!! An angry elephant! and upside down its a happy plant! Mmm... long time no up date, and found meself something interseting, thus the delays in playing. New links? why sure I'll make some (for a dolla!) no... ill end up doing it for free. GOBSTOPPERS. I got Unreal 2 the awakening... dont know if im going to do ne thing with that... probabily not, passing fad. Also we have some cool pics of our new suite mate Hamiltano they are great. And need to make some more physics problems :). Ok will do.


Inspiration should come at 3 in the afternoon... not 12:30 in the morning... my song is posted Big Yellow Bird. And I have put up a picture that I drew in sylva... Everyone says there is something horrible about it. I see nothing except A car, tire tracks in the yard, a flaming mail box, A tree, A drain, a tennis ball, a snowman, two lawn flamingos, a play ball, 2 bushes with flowers on them, drag marks in the grass, a garbage can, a bicycle and the sun...


Cammie would say I've eaten butterflies :D.


Must... get ambition to do... physics homework... Spring break was great!! :D three days i got to go rollerblading and on the last weekend Shaggy, Shortman, Sherri, and I went to Sylva and got GIANT calizones and stayed the night in a cabin. Luckily we did not get taken to any of the hill billy rape shacks, or see any banjos. But oh man it was great fun, a long drive but great company :). And I'm re-writting another song Big Yellow Bird, probabily going to make an mp3 out of it too... so tired... must do physics.


Updated the cs screen shots with 3 new ones. And possibly the CUTEST screen shot ever! (thx jew).


New video its a Nissan Commercial. On top of that its almost Spring Break!! yay! Mmmmm finding new things is great :).


Warehouse map for counter-strike has been updated and published. Grab it here if you wants it. This is the final release I'm thinking. I also may start to play with my other maps again, no idea. On the upside School is going great and met some new people that seem pretty chuette :). New movies comming soon too! :D


Stuck a new video by Andi The Bear in the multimedia section, along with a stop animation i did, and got kicked for :D. mmmm sweet taste of success.


Bishop Allen cd "Charm School" came today! Mom almost threw it away because "it looked like it was from a terrorist." sigh. But its a great cd!! Get it!


ROFL college plays are so innapropriate... just like real shakespear plays... i saw 6 people walk out! :D. Also new conversations and what happens when i get bored.


Status: confused, saddened, dont know why. Ranted. Fixed Stuff on site, small things you'll notice them if you visit reguarly.


Added pictures of my friends under the about me section. If yours is not up there tell me please :). On another note, Jew messed up the lego big pimp'n video. I am going to be nice and NOT stick a 1.84 meg 28 second video up :).


Long time no update... I own physics... and therefore I must make another tutorial. On top of that I now have my webcam capping still pictures of stuff in my room... like Angels. Also I found that picture of the hostage situation we had back in highschool... crazy. And remember "can't play this song on the radio." Mmmmm... thinking is good.


We lost to Maryland... oh well we are still #2, which is better than UNC and Duke :D hahaha ... yes -squints-. Well what do you do when you are in the hospital waiting for someone for 2 Days?! color pictures... and go crazy! almost over the sickness!


New Section under tutorials... Its about physics and your sister ;D. also ranted some and something else... homeward!


Hey Hey, I've updated my porn :D yay. Its great. My birthday too was great! And now it is snowing. w00t snow is awesome!... cold but awesome. Haha the inside of our window is frozen... like frost in our room, go insulation. We also have a new suite mate, he is pretty cool, he will from now on be refered to as "the new guy." until something better comes along.




2 more tays till my birthday :D. We all having lunch at 1:30 at Fountain Dining hall, you should come (and steal me a cake from the desert shelf). Also I Spoke with Justin today and Kevin too. Long time :D good deal. Crazy status: you decide :D. Yea i know there are 2 links to it, I love it tho, and its my site and i can dang well do what i want! Try'n drink fleas!


3 more days till my birthday! :D. And check out my picture I drew of Cammie. Well she did not like this so she drew a picture of me :D ROFL notice we both have cleft chins hehehe. Also my webcam is fixed :D. -later that day- you know what happens when you get really bored? weird stuff... i call it left field.


6 days till MY BIRTHDAY hehe :D. Back at state, so my address here is again http://whil.rh.ncsu.edu :D Started classes today, computer science so far seems like it is going to be a great class. Thats the only one that I had today, it was cool. Very few computer geeks, more of the people going into material science type classes. cool. Nother picture, Fast Mouse in opposition to the "slow" mice. And the Mon Fuhrer magic card :D. On another note we threw a party in the elevator... but the camera did not save the pictures! doh, oh well we got some great looks :D. Also the mixed reactions about the CO2 bomb going off in jeffs hands were mixed hehe i got hit too, ... so did jeff... poor jeff :) but he's better now :D.


9 days till... MY BIRTHDAY! :D hehe. Guess what I did today, and because you probabily dont know me or what today was I bet you cant! I drove a CAMARO :D!! -drooo00ool- Oh my it was so wonderful. I want a camaro, if you really want to be my friend you can buy me one! :D haha. Oh that was so cool 2002 with 4672 miles on it... 4673 now sukka. mmmmm fast. Oh yea, also I have rendered some brazil tests that were AVI, check them out in the digtial section. They are pretty sweet. Also I have some more new stuff planned for my site, and I will have some Still animations that Jew made on my site very shortly. I wish my scanner worked -pout- I also wish I owned a Camaro :D. On another note I have been employed by Longistics :D go me. Looks like a great company, and school starts in 3 days ! :D ... First time I have been this excited about SCHOOL hehe. Lets hope its as good as i feel that it will be. And I now have 512 megs of DDR ram in me komputoah :D mmmm rendering. I know there is something else but I can not think of it, I will later. Oh yea, I played my new Aerosmith CD from christmas mmmmmm... Aerosmith, thanks V2.


New Date... as opposed to all the other new dates this one has a 3 on the end of it! Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great year, I did... lets recap -read below- good job! hehe. And today I got a brazil public test rendering software for max... mmmmm... new digital pictures. Also I think I found some old friends from middle school going to me College. One can only hope, and that'd be sweet. On another note I am not a toad, i will have a great conversation up in the dialoge section. Also last nite we came to learn the horrible risks of CO2 bombs. Rest in piece... anything under the bucket... seriously Jeff got hurted, and that sucked. But I should have some pictures of the after math of being to close to a bomb when it goes off soon. Got to get them from the brit. mmmm Brazil, Thanks BMud :D. And my Birfdai is 15 days away!! Jamnairy 15th! and I still want the Bishop Allen cd -hint hint- hehe. Welp Happy New Year. Lets make this one fun too :D.


Went to the middle of no where today and shot down Japs... dirty japs. It was better than expected... and after 6 hours of driving... to no where... you apperently are annoyed easily :P. Also I've realized that i want to do stuff on my site at around 11 pm. Why don't i fucntion like this during the day like every other teenager... Oh well. I'm going to add a Giants page under my games... look for it soon... but until then just remember timmy! On another note thinking hurts, and makes you wonder, and consider possibilities... maby all this thinking will lead to something. One can only hope, and hope has provailed before.


MerrY Christmas! :D. Yay! Christmas :) and it could not have been better :)... Thank you thoes that looked at my list and contributed :D. And now I can't wait to fight V2 with swords in the front yard. Neighbors will love that :D. Also I now have a GeForce4 TI :D. mmmmm... Frames galore! Thank you all :D and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


2 more days till Christmas! yay! And I don't think I have gotten my present from YOU. yea YOU! Go ahead and give it to me now, I will put it under my tree and we will be straight :D. hehe no. Any way I can not wait. But it seems that Christmas has arrived waaay too soon. Probabily because it is like 60 degreese outside... It should be hella cold. At least in my opinion. I must put the lights up on the house! doh hehe :) and we just got our tree up. It looks nice :D. I'll stick a picture up soon :).


4 days till Cchristmas... and its 1:01 AM narg, sleepy. But I've added some of my aim conversations in a new section under words. Yea most are pretty funny. If you see one that is with you and you want me to take it off, tell me on aim and I'll get rid of it :D. Nite nite :o).


Happy BirfDai yesterday Andi The Bear. :) Just got back from a white elephant christmas party, hosted by Bubblez sister :). It was fun :) I got a bracelet :) haha. It was me and 3 other guys, and like 8 girls, I so watned to bring edible underware, it would have been Halairious but noooo... lack of sence of humor from parents probabily would have killed me hehehe :). would have been funny :D. Oh well its still all good, lota fun :). Also have made a new digital image, its a sword. First time playing around with boolean operations and it looks great! :D it was like 8 different things until i came to the last image. But it was fun too :) lots of fun things. Also new theory. Good times :D


Getting grades slowly but surely. They seem to be okish... all 92's, which aint too bad, but I only have like 4 so far. Also on the 14th I earned my first dan :) thats right I R Black Belt :D. I'm back home for christmas, and I have not been this excited for christmas for a while. I can't wait. Also I MAY be going snowboarding for the first time... lets hope. Mmmm... read the Two Towers, I have about 20 pages left, wonderful book, and I can't wait to see it tommorow!! -so excited-. Mmmmm everything be going great! :D.


Oh my gosh... YOU MUST SEE "EQUILIBRIUM" ... it was the greatest movie I have seen in a long while. Its like the matrix, 1984, Ferenheight 451, all put together and fronted with Christian Bayle and some of the most wonderful action scenes i have EVER seen... You must see it.


TKD 16th annual christmas party / tournament was today :D. It was fun Mom won parent of the year, me and V2 got special awards for dedication and being us :D. Also the dinner was great, and we were on schedule all day!! wow. The we went and say "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," awesome movie, see it!


Happy birthday mom! its 1:39 am!! AND where have I been? coolest thing EVER GREEEN LIGHTNING! Everywhere... watched since midnight... awesome... and trees are busting under the ice... SOOOO cool. awesome nite!


Yay 29 days till christmas! ... and I AM testing for black belt first dan on December 14. On another note I found Adam Badders here at state! That's cool! Now where the hell is Mike Preusse? hehe... On ANOTHER note... I made my christmas list! And there are a bunch of new photos in the Digital section.


Seems I am testing for first dan come December 14... Also seems that every time you format you lose all of your away messages on aim. So I'm a gonna start a new webpage with my away messges... probabily right about here.


Mmmmm... First post from the new 2400+. -Drool-... free processors are good, specially the fastest one I could imagine having :D. Formatted HD and reinstalled everything. Got a new version of Apache server. Hopefully this time it will not keep dying and needing to be restarted. Also I slept through the Lenoid metior storm, DOH! I'll just have to catch it in 2099. Mmmmm 2400+


Up dated my site after the Ninja attack. 1 2 3 ... punks. Yea. Also I now have a metallic Playboy sticker on my door... i dont know why, but hell why not. Also my room now has a subscription to "Stuff" magazine... They have pretty ladies on the cover :D. In other news, we will be releasing a new video on the site about retarded ninjas soon. Not the ones that attacked the hobo. Mmmm... so close to new computer.


A little picture from the AMD convension Guy Next Door got for us :D


W000000T!!!!! Last night we attended the AMD convension in Raleigh. Door prizes included (and i got) a poster, a shirt, a hat, and a .... 2400+ Processor!! Also Bishop Allen (a new band, who I love) has allowed me to put thier MP3's on my site. So check out my page for them, and a link to thier site right about.... here. 2400+ !! w00t!... Of course I thanked them after the show was over, and told them about the computer I am on now, that I purchased 2 years or so ago... my blazing 550 athalon (its a workhorse) ... they both laughed... out loud. :D Love it.


Halloween was great! :D. Updated my game section with some screen shots of AC2 beta. Realized that I could have a whole section of REALLY bad come on lines. (see quote of the day). Also updated the about me section, and songs. AND the demo team I am on came in third at the 2002 ETF nationals :D. Yay us.


Almost Halloween!! yay... free ... candy! and new song in the weirdsong section... and better yet... an MP3 too!!


9 - 0 GO STATE


Happy Mole day !! that is a Mol... or 6.022*10^23... um... why the hell do we have mol day?!... nothing special... but you can always celbrate retard M&M's.


Happy Birthday Bubblez :D!


Great fall break!! :D. Got my deputy dan on saturday. BLACK BELT ! :D... also saw Aerosmith... who ROCKED! great concert!! Saw some bubblez on monday :o) realized that that looks cool on aim (with the italics). And did art homework... so much art homework... and not half done!! arg!! so much scratching ;) hehe. Mmmmm aerosmith.


What happens on saturday!? AEROSMITH! AND..!! black belt testing!! Good weekend. So what do I do? I sprained my shoulder last tuesday!! DOH... but I'm hoping it will be better tommorow or Wednesday. School is going great, I get back my calculus test tommorow, so lets hope I did well. Also the server has been having problems, I was playing CS and computer froze ... destroying the registry so i had to reinstall 2KPro. So if its flakey now you know why. Can't wait for AEROSMITH!


Fixed all the weird pics ... they were all linked to html files that were linked to geocities... but anyway they all work again :). And made a 30 second video. Also i can AIREAL! Thats right no hands cartwheel!! Love it!... and dice, love them too... not as much, well not really at all, i use to hide them in my closet when I was little. Thats right nothing better than to hoard dice... do it!


Welp, I discovered something... your teeth glow, not in mirrors tho... just in your mouth, so you cant see them... ever... especially when you open your mouth. AND I found some old movies Andi the bear and I made a while ago... Andi did 2 and I helped with one... gonna make some more soon. But thanks to DIVX and bandwidth... check them out in the new Video section.


... Ok well me and Bubblez as u may know/care/dont care ... have toned down our relationship. Word of advice sweet girls can make wonderful best friends :D. Ne way... new things that piss me off... like when other people read your instant messages... i dont listen in on your phonecalls... dont PRINT my IM's and read/dispurse them... Even more dont criticize me for them when you do... asses... just remember people that think they are all that aren't and people that don't, are. And feel the warm fuzzies, for I'm sending some special anger out to one princess complex girl :) U know who you are :)... Gotta love it :)...


Find something to enjoy :) life is good :) stay happy.


I heard the worst quote ever from my mom on aim... wish I could stick it on here. But since I can't I've added a new visual section, my school art work. Its going to have all of the projects i do throughout the year posted on the page. At the moment I only have some colleges that I have done. But they are pretty funny and worth a look so go for it. Also Harry Potter was much better than first expected. Yea someone should really parody him. hmm...


Last weekend I went on a trip to the mountains and I think I found where gnomes come from, well at least Sean's people. Check out the pictures. Also there was the worlds largest Calizone at Meatballs in Sylva in the mountains. Holy Jeebus that thing was big, and GOOD. Also found some WEIRD ass signs... "Gillet's Lye Eats Dirt" and "Yeast Foam makes delicious Buckwheat Cakes" what the hell is buckwheat?! And oh yea if you didn't notice http://whil.dns2go.com is now whil.rh.ncsu.edu... yea


:) 10 Month Anniversary :) yay. AND I HAVE TICKETS TO AEROSMITH! w00t!! Got back from mountains, it was fun. Found some awesome rocks, sapphires and rubys and what not. It was fun, you should come, if i knew you. Also we saw a ton of weird things like a sign reading "Get BIG SEXY HAIR here now!" and some other stuff, I'll have pictures up asap. Mmmmm... Aerosmith.


Two posts in one day! wow... -drool-. College is pretty fun :). So far all of my teachers seem to be pretty nice and I think that I will be able to do very well here. My "2 dimensional design for non design majors" class is a six hour studio class for art :) VISUAL ART! yaay this should be hella fun if the teacher has a good sence of humor, one can only hope. Make homework fun otherwise it is boring, and boring homework is just that... work. What else, lots of nice people here it seems, I dont know too many yet but there are some that seem pretty cool, and others that do not. Tommorow I will have my Engineering introduction to Linux class... then when I'm good with linux i will run that on my computer, just cause i will be able too. Also I have my Economics class and my Scholars Forum, oh this should be fun. Miss some of my friends tho but i get to IM with them :). So its all good. And Fat Bastard messed with my computer I found out... sorry if he A. Warned you as me, B. Pissed you off as me. C. Was Fat -grrness-. Well good nite :) and have fun all :)


First day of classes is today and at 6:46am I am good to go. Getting a webcam up, but its not fully functional, if u want check it out. And my parking spot is funny, its behind some po folk's house, on a gravel driveway, arg. Other than that every thing seems cool :). But I'll let you know later


Went and saw "Triple X" with friends. Most of who are going to UNC-Charlotte. I'm going to miss them, the short guy, the crossdresser, and the kid that looks like his sister, but all is good and I will see them all again :). Best of luck at the school 1 step below NCSU :P. Welp, this is probabily the last post from in my bed room, seems that I may be packing computer up and moving into state on Friday. Kinda sad, and I've realized I'm going to miss all my stuff. -pets computer, phone, bear, clock, lava lamp, digital camera, other computers, bunny rabbit, black light, sterio...- ahh hell ur all comming with me :D. Actually no, i will not have a digital camera at state :( so if u want to give me one please do so I can keep the pics comming :) ;). Hope you all have fun and stay happy! :)


Nicest day outside EVER. Wow... weather like this is great. Went outside, it was WONDERFUL, and there are other people out there worth meeting too :). Great day :)!


Had my graduation party :). My mom gave everyone a nice picture of our group of friends and we sat around telling about all the crazy stuff we did, like the weekened with peter, another time when me and peter went to the park with air rifles, walking around in the mall at 10:30pm, finding out what makes tennis balls bounce, lan parties and all the weird stuff we've done. It was great :), a whole lot of fun :)... So to end the night, of course we sacrificed a bound bushy haired mexican. Also I have almost finished making the school map for CS. I found the leak when i was showing my brother around the school. If you want to see screen shots look in here its comming along very nicely :) very nicely indeed.


Have you ever walked into a room and noticed something different. Well I did, my computer was off, and boy was my room cool. So to make my room cool this web server may not always be up from now on, that or I'm not allowed to run it at state, one of the two. Also I've started to work on the school map again and now all i need is blue prints for the second floor, media center area. So thats pretty cool. Also I noticed the weirdest sign today "Warning, invisible dog fence". Is'nt the point of having a fence to keep your dog in the yard, if you cant see the dog whats the point of the fence?


Updated some stuff :) yay. Moved the OutBack stuff to wierdness and added some of the stories from there and a new picture. Its all good.


Happy 4th Of July :). It's too dry in old Cary to do fire works cause we'd end up catching our neighbors yard on fire.... again. What ever, what ever i do what i want. hehe. Garner fireworks rock, Regency don't as much, going with crazy people does, who give u a peach. Also did a sweet demo, will have pics of that up soon as i get around to doing so, probabily tommorow, ... or later hehe. What better way to prove that your an American than to blow the holy poop out of something, ah America :D. And 8mos. with Bubblez :D. Yay. -Something important goes here-


Thats right Bubblez its NOT wednesday... hehe. But I've fixed the link in the weekend with peter for the gangsta pic (c'est cheutte). And... new screen shots in the CS screen shots and I've put up some TFC screen shots worth a lookie at:).


Well... Minority Report is definately a good movie?... and what do you get when you go with people that also lack normalicy? Racoons that shoot up. And some British kid with chap stick. :D... -looks over- oh yea i got 740 on SAT II :) ... AND changed my initilizing image :).


Fathers day... yea... new porn! hehe


:D who says 13 is a bad day? :D


Bubblez unlike the previous ones has floated back :) -cheer- yay!! -Is Happy- :) so happy I'll show you my new AntiVehicle section... Various things that people have done to vehicles I have Pictures of :D. U'll like... and please don't do to your friends Vehicles.


Elle rentre tommorow!


Red Belt :) Yay... And I found my camera :) and got pictures off of it :)... Check them out in the Pics ;). And I Still Miss Bubblez... guess when they float away they land in Michigan :P hehe.


Well I got some awesome stuff to post but... where is my camera?


Hows about this? A new pet peeve... When someone pays for a SUV that can supposedly drive across mountains, but when faced with a speed bump... they slow down to 2 MPH... -shake-


My car has died... Proud bearer of "I R Senor" and "Wang Ja Jee Do." Will Be missed... A tribute


2 and 1/2 hours of school left. And how do I feel, not really older, not really smarter, I still feel like me. I do feel that this year has gone by way too fast... and that it should'nt be over yet. I'm going to miss my friends but I know I'll see them again and again, And to all you guys, Thanks for being my friends, ur all great ;) :D. Have fun and enjoy every minute of everything.


Welp School almost over... got year book, its pretty cool and apperently I'm "in it." I would hope everyone would be but i guess not... and Jew is some other kid i dont know. Yep, State next year, and I'm starting instructing soon :) That should be good... Everything happening... it goes by fast, im still trying to catch up. And I got some new digital work thats pretty sweet :). Chek it owt


:D -Yay- seems I won second place in science fair for engineering :). Thats right Whil R Win. So thats pretty cool i thinks. Been having hella lot of fun recently :) specially with friends and Bubblez :D. Yep ILHA. :) Have not updated recently cause ive been doing Morrowind. Good game :) yep very good addictive game. Also starting instructing Tae Kwon Do in about 1 week 2 days :) thats cool. Also another new converstaion, and soon enough we will have some video up on my site thanks to mom's new hard drive :) yay I can caputure :). Yep. Gradutaion in like 2 weeks too... gone so fast it has. Also u really should see Star Wars Episode II. Good movie.


Yay... so much fun stuff happening!! ... where to begin... Um... i got two awards at school for beeing l33t i think... But one of them knows I r whil. Um... new rant. Jew's birthday is on Friday (happy birthday Jew). Going to that, a bubble symphony, a tournament, and having Zak over Sunday... Now to feel better. Oh yea... new conversation based on this. Funny stuff... "We're going to sensor your clothing by showing your privates to everyone around you!" - Wired


I guess most teenagers are getting high now... i guess they are all losers, and should DIE... die die die die die die... i'll kill u... die... wait... new stuff! FLASH!... hahaha w/0 durgs... or good spelling!


It's all short... well 3'8 but still freking short :D Thanks Andi the bear, Kennie, Shaggy, Brit. And of course the short man, hes an inspiration to us all... well half an inspiration but he tries all the same.


Oh its gonna be good... short but good O:)

4.7.2k2 Also... Made a new part of my site... You know when you got to reseraunts (eg the outback) and you take some crayons and a coloring/activity book, then everything turns wrong? well i have pictures. More to come... soon.


PROM!:) Dinner was awesome :)... Prom was awesome :)... Zoot suit was awesome :). My date... was incredible :)! I HIGHLY suggest going to prom it was great... and dont just stand around (that looked boring) dance... even if your horrible at it, it was a great time :). Going with friends was awesome too, FatMan took Lara, I took someone :), and Jew took his daughter. On aother note I think Late Rogers is trying to get Zak to kill him. Hehe... Oh man it was fun :) I Left my house around 3:15pm to go get my date and got home at 5:50am... I'm SOooo tired... well worth it.


How did your spring break go? Well mine was great :). Started out really good except I had tonsilitis for a few days. After i got over that we decided there was something missing in our lives here at my family, so we purcahsed me a younger sibling. Well when we were getting him situated in his room we had a little accident, oh well he was getting annoying. So we replaced him with some girl we found on the floor, I'm glad we did shes much cuter. Well what would a spring break be without jumping off of a fat guy? So i did that too :) Oh, you've seen my porn right? Well so have about 2000 unsuspecting perverts, go Kazaa. So it's been an all round good spring break :). Hope yours was too :)


I found out that I have people i dont know linking to my site :) w00t... so if i have no idea who you are, or why you've linked... thanks :) and ... HI! On another note Prom in 1 week 1 day :). And person/disrespect situation looks like it may be solved :). That too is good. Oh oh! Have you seen the movie "Stand and Deliver"? Its a pretty good movie, well we had to watch it in Adv. Math and then answer questions, my answers.


Making a whole big thing on my spring break it should be done when i do it... ne wayz, I realized I have been blatantly dis-respected... this does not bode well for a certain person. Ne way SMILE! :) hehe


ACCEPTED!!!!!!! W00T W00T W00T!!!




:) 4 Months and counting :) yay :) -is happy- :) yep, and updated my song, and I'm considering posting the chris song. should i? eh eh? Hehe...


:) How is Whil doing? Do you care? Possibly... but that does not matter cause hes doing good :) !! :D. Got something off my chest ( a barrel of monkeys). Speaking of monkies ... yea... :) hehe... Finished Graduation Project and PASSED!! I are gradumacated! Hmmm ILYA bubblez :). Hehe how great would have this been to start a graduation project on teen suicide? "-All Dressed up infront of judges- Hi! I'm Brother Paul and I'm going to be talking to you about morminism. Ha no, I'm not a mormon, i'd rather kill myself. Speaking of killing myself..." HAHAHAHA... hahah... oh man... hahaha.


:D What do you get when you have AP classes, Tae Kwon Do, a (wonderful) girlfriend, and a Job? No time to update... :P hehe... BTW Valentine's day is awesome :) who ever tells you different has no girlfriend/boyfriend (im not here to judge -sniker-). Link to the paintball team has been added... and mp3's are comming along nicely... i have a few in here check it out. Graduation project is comming to an end (yay!). So soon... and it seems the spawners of Bubblez are starting to like me more and more :) tis a good thing :) cept when they hit me with that car... man did that hurt... but im still alive! HA! It twas Peter (not other peter)'s birthday a few days back that was cool :) Aye tis all good in the life of whil :).


:D The ball won!! 37 points!! 20 for the patriots and 17 for the Rams... GO BALL! What else was on the third? the third one of a good day :) -nod- Getting more music is good... like yes... anyway will soon have music hosted... :D.


:D My site is now hosted off my computer, this means infinit bandwidth (no more capping). 20 or so gigs of diskspace for site, shoes will now be made from hampsters... or not... and i'd just like to say "w00t" and if there are ne broken links tell me :) zelbbub evol I.


:D Skiing is cool! i may suck but its like rollerblading in the sucking aspect, its fun to suck! :D... and i got to spend the weekend with Bubblez and the church group, and it seems that i have found like 3 more people that share my sence of humor... that could be bad for the ratio of normal people to weird people... who knows was a great weekend!! :D and im 18 now :) and my doctor can go screw herself and the speaker for the trip was awesome... I had a great weekend :) hahaha... thats the good news. the bad news however is that i have nothing funny to post sept maby that new quote, which will change here soon, and then be gone. But on the upside of that the new people may provide some very quality stuff :) hahaha


TWAS A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D And I'm probabily gonna get poked for the quote but :D yay!! -happy happy happy-


Updated dialoges, quotes, songs, weird songs, other stuff... look around... SCHOOL TOMMORW! bubblez tommorow!!


HAPPY NEW YEARS TOO! hehe :) Seems We got snow on 2 month anniversary first time i've not wanted to see it stick. But twas a good gift :). We made a snow man! ... in the road O:) (he died) And guess who got a new job at Golden Coral? Some lady i dont know... and ME! I hope tis fun... no more need to wish for giant bees. AND 10 more days till my birthday!


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Well for most people... that could afford a REAL christmas tree... Hehe no TWAS GREAT!! :) And tommorow I'm supposed to see my Bubblez :) -cheer, hope, cheer- :D. And Javisone in conjunction with XKEN are devoloping "Punch'n munchkins... and other short jokes" its gonna be about a hypothetically short kid "sean." :) -squints- yes that'll du. OH OH Je t'aime bubblez O:). Ne way. CHRISTMAS! WARNING: X-Box is oddly addictive. Avoid Halo, save your hours of life.... must play... Hehe. Oh and who got a web cam? Whil did :) So probabily gonna have some weird stuff with that soon. As for the digital video camera... My HD wont write at more than 4meg / sec... which is required for capture... if someone can help me out email me please. I've tried most everything tweak programs can offer and nothing. Hmmm I get to see bubblez soon!!! Shrek is GREAT btw... go rent it if you've not seen it.


First demo :) it twas SWEET! :) lots of flying stuff and breaking wood... really cool! and i got covered in confetti :) that'll teach me to roll through it. To bad me Bubblez could not make it :( but maby next time :). Check me out im fly


:) -cheers- I got'd to talk with me Bubblez :) -cheer- :) And I found a better song for the "my song" part of about me :) SEE! I DO update it :). See told you I would be better today :) still not too pleased with being laid off... but I'll get another job :) Probabily hunting Giant bees in semolia... at least that wont be boring! :) And it seems that Andi the bear has gotten a girlfriend :) GO ANDI :) -ducks- Yep good day today :). And I now have in my custody a JVC Digital Video camra :)... this should be VERY interesting :) hehehe :) go ME! -cheer- and im FEELING GOOD for some reason :) hehe :)


... :o( Who got laid off cause they had a hurt ankle? Who can't talk with his girlfriend? Who is having a bad day? Whil is... twill all be better tho :) got to be something funny about :), and if I find it I'll show u :).


Who says the 13th is a bad day? Well you can look at it how ever you want but mi day was GREAT! :) Well the end of it :) Though Bubblez now has something of mine :) that'd I'd gladly give her again :). :) :) :) :)


:) :) :) :) Yep, look at the 10.27.2k1 update :)... Lets say it turned out like I hoped, and looks like its gonna be better than I ever imagined :) :) :) Pretty Bubblez on me mind! :) :) :) Also thanks to someones suggestion ive gotten some more webspace that I'm sticking my digital artwork on, once I get it to work... :) -beams- so happy :)


My ears hurt :) and thats a good thing :)... Seems that happens when you smile for about 8 hours (they hurt after the first 15 minutes :) ) But its all good and I dont wanna stop smiling either :).


And "Bizotch" is now seen under the songs... go ahead, look, at the song, not his chest... good lord not his chest!


Update time I felt. Well not really on the site but again I have found something cool at school ;) And im not gonna say what :) That'll ruin the surprise if it turns out like I hope it does. Updated my songs as well.


Welp, back to school, and to commerate this great event I'm going to break nothing on nothing else! Why is there a something else, but not a nothing else? Oh yea and I got some l33t Kermit action in the GIFs... :)


w00t w00t w00t w00t! My map cs_warehouse3 has been hosted on "the den 2" server :) w00t w00t :)


w00t sometimes you have to say something, but your not allowed. Like now :) oh well :) check out the weird pictures :) youll like ... Shaggys's hand didnt but oh well :)


Don't mix tylenol cold and cough with dayquil, you feel like your floating. Also if youve been trying to see the weekend with peter you may be getting that I have ran out of allocated bandwidth (bastards), yep thats Geocities, I get them hits they get me mad oh well. FYI Girls rock :) and I've updated my song :).


:) Hehe Yep feel'n better :) and damn does that ever feel good :) go apathy and reconsoliation :) weee!!! hehe :) and noththing to make you feel better than having girls flirt with you and a weekend with peter and friends. Check it out, i know youll like it :) I do, I posted it :) HAHAHA feeling good :) and you cant stop me :) Probabily should say something about that NY thing... like... thats where Other Peter lives :)


Big update, hehe started as me posting the song that I feel like at the moment and I decided to make this more homepageish and added a whole about me section :) enjoy, or dont... your choice.


Two days since up date?! thats a new record update rollover! wow. As you know I've been doing some digital work, not ready to show you it all some of it sux, some rox but anyhow I've created one that everyone likes :) Muse1. Look at it, from far away and please know what a muse is, it makes it all that much better. Also been playing cs lately, getting some more screenshots that will be added soon.


Three or four weeks into school we be now, its odd how time seems to not change when your in a schedual, i could have been going for fifteen weeks, I would not know. But The new quote by Bennet had to be put up so I'm updating mostly for it. Also I'm thinking of starting to draw again, perhaps because of the muse in my life ;). I also am doing some cool stuff in autoCAD that i think you'll all like Star it looks cool and im gonna be doing some more :). If you were wondering about my "apperent reasons" for being happy, im still happy cause of them :) (not like you care... bastards). Oh yea old javascript gone... it suxord, see it here if you want


Back to school I go (went 2 weeks ago). Any ways its become apparent at the beginning of this week for reasons unmentioned that this year could be VERY cool and so far this second week has KICKED ASS! I'm adding some more advice underwords, it is the philosophy of the WTF (not the swearing abr.) I don't think the school map will ever finish, too many lights and now entities are tearing leaks in my world :( oh well. I'm also thinking of adding an edicate section just cause I think the world could use some more. This site is becomming more about me but its mine and not yours. And with nearly 1000 hits you all have to hear what i have to say!


Summer vacation is great. Being able to spend ample time joking around we came up with a conversation i had to put there, so look. Also im making some digital art, well just getting good at photoshop by ripping off things I see, people should not be able to infringe on copyrights... just me. And I realized that I did not have a link to Andi the Bear's site, there is one now, and one to MikeV2's site (note: the links are in no special order, maby goodness but no real order -squint-). Also notice there are errors on the page, also notice when you close yahoo's little window it goes back to the first page, then note when you go back to this page the little window is gone... how it happened i dont know... glad its gone? yes.


One of the funniest things ever happened to me, but it was in a dream. N'E way I've uploaded a new gif (that'll teach AOL to let me get tired), and there is some new art work that I'm working on for my site. But the gif is funny, so was the dream, ill have to start writing them down (this one is in the conversations :) ).


Who was banned by AOL? I was, apperently my porn and weird pictures are too offencive for some people!! HOO HA! Also I put in a couple of dialogues that can be seen under the words.


Hoo ha, Check out the new art, finally finished my picture of the angle... erm angel.


Had to update today!! I'm starting work on some new art pictures... there going to be sweet and a new section of dialogues that I come up with.


Haha! I updated the wired pictures with some old stuff i found. Like a pony, no wait, no ponies.


As you can see on the far right hand side of the nav bar there are some links, they are pictures of the remake of the school map I am doing, I have not done much for about a week cause i ran out of blue prints. Also I have updated the screen shots for counter-strike. As soon as I can figure out how to have the nav bar have a pull out im going to add more games, Day Of Defeat, Giants: Citizen Kabuto (it rox), and hopefully Tribes2 if its out :). Also I ranted a bit; It's funny.


Got my computer access back!! w00 h00. Told you that Andi the Bear would die! I updated and upgraded my house map. Though I saved over the wrong pictures... Try and figure it out!!


Ha, i hate it when you think of something really funny then forget it... just like that bam gone, but your still smiling, and that smile is great. But I up dated the wierd pictures with two from my newyears eve party :) and some more words to live by.


Don't you just hate when the new news is that there is new news? Its like sorry for no update for like ... um 29 days!... yea I hate that too. Any way I put in my rants page, I made it a while ago but just now have linked to it cause I find some of it funny.


-sounds of running through the woods- me: Phew I finally made it, there all around here... wait... oh the update.. yes, I updated the weird pictures with some old guy I saw who looked funny, thinking of changing the color of my font on this page, possibly to BRIGHT green, if it is then i changed it from a nice dark blue. I changed some links around and fixed a lot of broken ones, they just sort of stoped working (thank you yahoo). And I added a new link on the right to my flash, no your other right, like I'm looking at you, yea there you go.


Updated the cs_warehouse3 map, added stuff outside, it Rox0rs, its being hosted briefely by tgz... thanks. You can just download it from the maps page. I also found the name of the song that I wanted to meld to my specifications, sr71's Right Now, its great in the songs... :) Cause I'm the kinda g the little oompa loompas wanna be like.


Added a new pic in the wierd shit... yea I found the gravity switch. Added my cs_warehouse3 map (my best yet) im gonna decrepitate the surrounding area and it'll probably be hosted this week end by TGZone, added some new words to live by, added a new song... its all good... and if its not then tell me, and I may not like you :)


Added you know, the MSBS page, and yes if you wanna crush cars and live large... any way, added my aim gifs that I made and use on aim, added some more things to think about in the words... thats abou tits :) get it? huh huh!? Planning on writing another song to the tune of rap super star and some song I heard on the radio with the short man... but I dont know what its called. So just remember I'm always quizeldick.




added some more porn, its really hard to get nuns to pose... you know


Holy monkey poo on a flaming stick! check out the new pictures in the weird shit section!. Added to my songs the "Sean Song", "He's British" and "The Penis Song". there pretty good and in the weird shit section, im thinking of changeing the loading picture (it is a picture), i learned i wasted a lot of someone's time who thought it was a java applet... cool.


Added my map cs_house3 to my site, its ziped, unzip it to your cstrike/maps file, its a beta version but still fun. Added like a bagillion, 5 screen shots, killed Andi the bear and hung him behind you, its shpadoinkle!


Added some Tutorials for breaking glass in World-Craft and some batch thingy that Andi the bear wanted... (please dont eat me Andi)


I added my words to live by area, which you should do damn it!, and im going to post my rants, which is just matirial that flows to my mind and has no where else to go but a page. Also im the weird shit I will be putting up my temperature gauge, eg. its hot as penis or cold as balls. Also people have criticized my update section(what your reading) BLOW ME.


I added the link to the scipts, you know the head shot some people sort of want to see and were angry about me not having, as well as updating this page, the porn page, and added a new screen shot


Wee! got rid of my link that let you get out of my site, it was an old link from when i had a disclaimer because of some more "racist" stuff that was removed due to poplar demand, and i put up my e-mail so give it to me! Also i updated and added the weird shit page, it has limited content but it's cool, when i get out more ill get more content... of if i have to write stuff i'll post it there.


ok, heres the deal! w00t&BAM!, the counter-strike page is updated, with... a new back ground and a little content (none but it looks cool), im getting rid of the disney link, and adding a wierd stuff page, with examples of some, uh writings, and some ... wierd things that i may have been a part of... it'll